Cheaper than the z900 and a better bike. Very comfortable for a big rider (I'm 6ft 6 and 21 stone). The power delivery is smooth and seamless all the way from tickover to the 9500rpm red line and the fuel injection lets you accelerate from a closed throttle without any hiccups or snatches. Has none ,but that’s how I like it you ride the bike and feel everything. The XJR’s digital display remains, but only shows fuel range and time. Needless to say we are expecting a massive summer season later this year.”, “We truly believe that our phone word is a remarkable marketing tool. In addition it’s a great advertising tool that makes our brand top of mind.” If you are one of our existing customers and are trying to reach us you can call us on 1300 GROWTH or by email: Call us on 1300 GROWTH or Use the form below to get in touch, Privacy It has lifted the business’s profile and professionalism and can easily be used in advertising campaigns. VAT no 918 5617 01 We are committed to delivering on-going support to your business and place high priority on building a relationship with you that delivers value to your business. Fully-adjustable fork stanchions have a ‘Diamond Like Coating’ to reduce station. Having the Phoneword 1800 PRINTERS was a clear way to inform people what we did.”, “By implementing a Phoneword we have attracted many potential new suppliers wanting us to focus on reselling their solutions. But the extra weight actually serves to give the XJR1300 Racer a solid, indestructible feel and a magic carpet-like ride around town and along motorways. Buying experience: Cracking bike for the money. It's available in this standard version, or you can pay £1000 more for the Yamaha XJR1300 Racer. 1300 Australia are Australia's largest supplier of phone words. Weighing a sturdy 240kg, the Yamaha is about as far from a ‘super naked’ as you can imagine and it’s 18kg heavier than the BMW R nineT, if you want to compare retros. “The success of 1800 Drivers in our business has shown us the value of a phone word to the point where our expansion plans have been built around the phone word 13 Work, recently secured. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. 1995: Yamaha XJR1200 introduced.1999: Engine gets a big-bore and the XJR1300 is born. The 13, 1300 and 1800 prefixes dictate the on-going costs both to you and your customer who is using the number. | Proper Riding. Not only does it look great, it’s smooth, fast capable and cracking value for money. including TV, as well as other marketing strategies.” We didn’t want to have different numbers for different branches. , ohlins shocks are brilliant ironing out our poor road surfaces,standard tyres are good ,No gadgets that you don't use ,less to fail, Buying experience: Bought from Honda Bromsgrove ,excellent service and would recommend. It’s pretty basic out of the crate, but the XJR1300 does come with twin Ohlins shocks, lots of nicely made components and attention to detail. We also wanted to communicate that we were specialists and not a one stop shop. Yamaha has stuck with thee XHR1300’s grunt-packed original 1250cc air-cooled, inline-four-cylinder motor. 845898), Yamaha XJ600 Diversion review (1992-2004), Yamaha XJ900 Diversion review (1994-2004), Twin Ohlins rear shocks adjustable for preload and rebound damping, 2 x 298mm discs with four-piston calipers, 267mm single disc with twin-piston caliper. Rides really well and can shift when you ask it to. SCO Recruitment, “Our phone word has delivered massive value for our business as it is used in many locations including stationery, packing boxes, trucks, vans and uniforms to name a few.” “We wanted to offer a simpler way for customers to connect with us. Our phone word describes the service we supply, how to contact us and it allows us to be easy to find on the internet. 2015: Updated with retro styling a smaller fuel tank and new wheels. the only small problem is the 14 L tank , nothing else but you'll get used to it :), Solid well built and seat quite low I am 5ft 9" and can plant both feet on the ground ,No grab rail, Anywhere suits the XJR ,A/B roads ,lanes point it and go ,ride all day ,but petrol decides when you stop,as it does with all bikes, Shame NO six gear as an overdrive but you get to know when you in 5 gear,a great spread of power NO fuel snatching ,smooth as silk engine ,gear box very smooth and positive ,roll on around town in any gear point and go, To soon to say but engine has been going in manufacturer from 1998 no recorded issues,No corrosion, Outstanding value second hand ,solid build quality and an brilliant engine, All the switchs are well built and in the correct place ! Knotwood Pty Ltd, “It gives us a national and professional appeal.” Altiform Pty Ltd, “1300 DESIGN as a Phoneword contact number just made business and brand sense.” Phone calls have increased by 70%, and ultimately sales have increased.