“The LEAF’s competitors, namely the Chevrolet Bolt EV surpassed it in range, and it has declined in popularity as a result,” said Ly. “Although a reliable and highly-rated car, the discontinuation of the Impala shows that the large sedan isn’t in high demand,” said Ly. Are you handy or do you love recreation? Sixteen SUVs have at least twice as much remaining 2019 new car inventory than the 7.2 percent average for the segment. Browse Models. “However, the Lincoln Nautilus, which was new for 2019, is offering a $4,500 cash incentive for its remaining 2019 models.”, New SUVs With the Most 2019 Inventory By Size, New Pickup Trucks With the Most 2019 Inventory. You can lease the RAV4 for $219/month for 36 months with $2,699 due at signing. » Best Used Cars to Trade-In and Buy Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you’re reading this article, you’ve already got the research skills required. Locate a dealer to explore special offers, rebates, lease deals & incentives. The Ram 1500 Classic is a full-size half-ton pickup truck aimed at buyers who want a capable and affordable vehicle. Potential Savings Off MSRP: 10.2% iSeeCars examined the pickup truck segment to see which trucks had the highest percentage of 2019 inventory. “Consumers who want a good deal on a new car should consider these vehicles and specifically the models on these lists because dealers want to push their 2019 models off the lot and will be more open to negotiation.”. Looking online and comparing options is the best strategy. iSeeCars analyzed its national inventory of over 1 million new cars for sale to determine which models have more inventory from the 2019 model year available. National Incentive♦: $2,500 Customer Cash + $1,500 Bonus Cash (Ends 1/2/2020). Fuel Economy MPG (City/Hwy): 16/22 “Automakers might also have a higher proportion of 2019 vehicles because production has been interrupted for 2020 vehicles due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”. “The demand for pickup trucks did not decrease in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to shortages for 2020 models due to factory shutdowns,” said Ly. The Toyota Highlander ranks thirteenth on the list. In response to this increased demand, a few things have happened. When there are 2018 and 2019 models that still haven’t sold, they need to get rid of them, and they need to do so quickly. “Meanwhile, the Dodge Charger saw record sales in 2019, but buyers may be opting for 2020 versions that have wider wheelbases including the SRT Hellcat and Scat Pack models.” Ly added, “Generous incentives are being offered on 2020 Charger and Challenger models including zero-percent financing and between $3,050 to $7,970 cashback.” Similar to the Journey, another discontinued American car makes the list: the Chevrolet Impala.