Whilst there is double the chance for success, there is also double the risk of failure! During their time in McMahon’s promotion, they were named Tag Team of the Year in 1989 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. There is no better example of excellent ground and pound and superior in-ring psychology than The Revival. They were two-time WWE Tag Team Champions and recently became members of the Hall of Fame. They engaged in several hardcore matches, TLC and multi-man contests and faced some of the very best, including a thrilling match that included Kevin Owens & Sammy Zayn! Sanchez became one of the best singles competitors in the Province, setting a then-record as PCW Canadian Champion for 420 days and adding a PCW  & CWE Heavyweight Championship to his resume as well. Long resumes with an even longer list of defeated victims, Knight & Kaos were highly regarded and many people still hope for a reunion today! Angels was an early member of the legendary Team Impact in the CWF and entered PCW teaming with Dean Richtor as The Regulators where they had a great feature match at the initial Boiling Point against Kenny Omega & Mentallo and faced the Road Warriors the night before in Brandon, Mb. Put them together and you have a, As tag team wrestlers, Omega would add four additional titles with partner, Individually, Skillz was considered the most decorated champion in PCW history, holding the. We have assembled a committee of experts, insiders, observers & competitors to help put together this list of the very best PCW tandems of all time. The Bulldogs consisted of Davey Boy Smith, the Dynamite Kid (Tom Billington) and their mascot of sorts, Matilda and later Winston the bulldog. While Knight held the PCW Tag Team Championship on a third occasion with Steve Corino, Kaos quietly became one of the most prolific tag team wrestlers ever. Harlem Heat was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019. 26. He won the Canadian Championship on three separate occasions, a record he holds with Jay Walker, and competed for the PCW Heavyweight Championship several times. They're consumed with being recognized as the greatest duo of all time and are intent on rising on this list. Jack and Gerald were also extremely respected singles competitors. Dicaprio would add a second PCW Tag Team Championship to his resume with partner Rawskillz as The Elite. Their third and final reign clocked in at an impressive 350 days, the third longest in history. The Outlaw/Enforcer relationship would later see them team up for two tag team championship's themselves. Their feuds with The Freebirds, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and the Four Horsemen were legendary. Individually, Leo & David are talented but have been primarily a, Mostly hated by the fans, the London's are committed to winning at all costs. Uninspiring nicknames aside, these beasts were quite impressive in the ring. In addition to holding the PCW Championship, Chad Tatum was the 2nd ever PCW Junior Heavyweight Champion, capturing the gold from former partner Rawskillz in his hometown of Brandon, Mb in 2002. If you buy stuff from Amazon using this link, we receive a minor promotional bonus -- … They also utilize a unique blend of aerial and ground-based offense. It was no surprise when, on July 10th 2003, The Dynasty (Chris Stevens & Ronnie Attitude), However, they quickly regained the titles for their second reign and finished with a cumulative total of 70 days as champion and defended against all comers in the, The Big Sexy Beasts - AJ Sanchez & Kevin Chevy, When they returned to PCW, they went their separate ways. With multiple heavyweight championships in the, What more needs to be said about this duo than they held the. Perhaps one of the more unlikely duos on the list, "Outlaw" Adam Knight & "Enforcer" JP Kaos, They exploded into the history books by beating, Together, they employed a style best described as speak softly and kick ass. He was a member of excellent duos with, IWGP Junior, Intercontinental, United States. Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand and Joseph "Animal" Laurinaitis became tag team partners in 1983. In the WWE they were managed by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, which was the main reasoning for their new moniker. ATM, trained by Don Callis, had a 154 day reign as PCW Canadian Champion before joining CWE and winning their Heavyweight title. They had more successful title defenses than almost any other team and faced more past or future Heavyweight Champions in tag team competition than perhaps any other duo. Tag Sciences Faculty are the Greatest Tag Team in PCW history! As of this writing, there have been 50 tag team championship reigns by 35 different duos, making the cut-down to only twenty a very difficult process. Jack especially is regarded as one of the greatest of all time! Hardy also teamed extensively with Kenny Omega (as well as feuded with him), forming one of the best duos to never capture the gold as well as forming a great young tandem with Jon Cutler. "The Enforcer" won five PCW Tag Team Championships with four different partners, one of the most impressive accomplishments of all time.