Now I'm up to 425! Keep on going! Notice the “Cardio Sucks” t-shirt I’m rocking out. =\. I have the same thing with the shooting range, it's fun to shoot and be nice, but I really have to watch the "subject" of anything I say before someone suddenly turns into right-wring conservative fundie - not that everyone is, but it happens. Do one rep every 30 seconds.

Archived. I've been to a few gyms and once you start recognizing a few regulars and saying hi they start becoming very supportive and helpful. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Discussion of physical fitness/exercise goals and how they can be achieved, Press J to jump to the feed.

Posted by 6 years ago. I remember when I started, I was so insecure because of all the stronger guys there. Aside from the cool accomplishment, I would just like to point out that despite the fact that the gym is a major source of insecurity from a lot of people who are afraid of being judged, the fact here is that most gyms are where you will find some of the friendliest and most supportive people once you get going.

Here are the four exercises to help you build a knockout punch. This is so true. but if your a medium build, in 11th grade, it says, that 345 is considered good, 315 isnt even listed so i guess Alot of people cant do it, cause i deadlift more then all my friends, but its nothing special. 315 Deadlift for 5. I just re-hit my 300! Follow me on IG @ untamedstrengthShop Untamed Strength Apparel Here: Untamed Strength's 16 Week Basic Program Today:

After I dropped the weight, like 4 guys all said "Awesome lift". Here's exactly how to do it. Here's how. I will also say that the corollary to all the love and support is to watch out what you DO talk to them about your lifting and how you do stuff and all of that, because it can quickly turn south into some asshole trying to tell you HOW to do everything. This video is a response to a comment about my last video "Fix Your Deadlift: Slow Off The Floor." Close. Use a trap bar or a straight bar, standard or sumo. I was resting and someone looked at me, looked at the bar, pointed to the bar and then just gave a thumbs up. Momma said knock you out. Learn How NOT To set-up for the Deadlift. I felt amazing. Keep going man! I'm such a big fan of this subreddit that I thought I should share my accomplishment with you guys. Keep it up. Improve your body, expand your mind, and enhance your life.

This challenge was created by Gary John, a 61 year-old thrower. This exercise may not be doing much for your shoulders.