If your TV supports HLG HDR, you may need to manually set this up on your TV menu. This method has several advantages over streaming. Best Sky TV deals ahead of Black Friday 2019: the bundles, packages and Sky Q offers you need, Sky TV deal: Netflix and Sky Entertainment bundle now £25/month, 4K TV service shoot-out: BT TV G5 vs Sky Q v Virgin TV V6.

Furthermore, as detailed in our article Sky Finally Launches HDR With Its Ultra HD 4k Service, only the most recent Sky Q boxes support High Dynamic Range (HDR), giving more vivid colour with Ultra HD. There’s also no on-screen help to provide shortcuts for navigating, such as jumping forward or back 24 hours in the TV Guide. Up to two devices can be connected at the same time.

Sky Cinema gets you 1000+ on-demand movies (including some Ultra HD) for £19 a month (although this drops to £11 if you take Sports). It may seem a bit pointless given that BBC content is available in the on-demand section, but iPlayer brings a wider range of programmes and lets you select different versions of on-demand content, such as watching a regular broadcast rather than the sign-language version. What Hi-Fi? But for bigger homes – or, at least for house with rooms not in close proximity to a room with a Sky box in them – the mesh system might need a little help. Dolby Atmos support is available on the main box, delivered via Dolby Digital Plus, the same standard used by Netflix. However, you can rent 4K movies through the Sky Store, even if you don't subscribe to these packages. Netflix can be launched as a standalone app, so you’ll see the same interface you would if launching the app from any other device. The new touch remote is easier to use than the original. Given that you pay the same subscription whether you have an HDR-compatible set-top-box or not, we urge you to contact Sky yo upgrade to an HDR-enabled box if you can.

Sky Ultra HD comes with no additional charge, but you still need to subscribe to the relevant entertainment and/or sports packages. Details on the race helmets and the logos on the cars are clearly visible, and the shots of cars cornering are wonderfully stable and composed. From the club crests on player shirts to the native 4K animations, you can pick out all manner of detail in the Premier League coverage. While they'll still need to sign up to a 4K-inclusive Sky TV package to take advantage of the provider's myriad 4K broadcasts and on-demand content, the cost of the new box starts from £25, compared to the 2TB box's £50 starting price. Where available, Ultra HD content is one of the options you see in the sub-menus for relevant categories such as Sky Cinema, Sky Box Sets and Sky Sports. Still, having everything on one box can be handy and may mean you can cut down on the number of media streamers you have around the house. The network name remains the same (same SSIDs, different BSSIDs, if you want to get technical) and your devices will hop between hotspots for the best signal. Although Sky Q can work on a single TV, the system really shows its worth when you opt for the Multiroom or Multiroom+ packages, which are the focus of this review. If you are experiencing stuttering on a Mini box – or you're seeing a "You can't watch TV right now as there is a connectivity problem" error on screen, then placing a Booster halfway between the two Sky boxes will probably sort out any problems. Films, too, include a plenty of titles as well as premieres you don’t get elsewhere. Sure, you can do that – all the premium sports, movie and entertainment packages are on offer in glorious Ultra HD (now with HDR) – but there's another side to Sky Q away from watching live television, on-demand shows from the likes of Netflix and Disney+, or viewing recorded programmes from your planner.