A 52-week low creates a strong support level, the same way a 52-week high forms a resistance level. The Percent from High column shows the difference between the (high price minus the lowest price for the period) divided by the lowest price for the period. Stocks: 15 20 minute delay (Cboe BZX is real-time), ET. Standard Views found throughout the site include: Unique to Barchart.com, data tables contain an "expand" option. There is also a link to a chart that plots the Barchart symbol used to track the historical number of stocks included in the category. As on Sep 11, 2020 03:57 PM. Stocks that have matched or made a new [[ timeFramesList[rawTimeFrame].title ]] High during the current trading session. Crypto Market Cap, BTC/USD, ETH/USD, USDT/USD, XRP/USD, Bitcoin, GBP/USD, GBP/EUR, GBP/JPY, EUR/USD, USD/CNY, DXY, LAND SECURITIES GROUP PLC ORD 10 2/3P, BURFORD CAPITAL LIMITED ORD NPV, SXX, BIDSTACK GROUP PLC ORD 0.5P, LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC ORD 10P, TCG, FTSE 100, DAX Index, Euro Stoxx 50, S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, Nikkei 225, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Brent Oil, Natural Gas, Bitcoin, US 10Y, Euro Bund, Germany 10Y, Japan 10Y Yield, UK 10Y, India 10Y. However, new stocks are not automatically added to or re-ranked on the page until the site performs its 10-minute update. New 52-Week Highs & Lows . The list of symbols included on the page is updated every 10 minutes throughout the trading day. Group. The Summary tab also shows a table of the Barchart symbols that track the historical highs and lows for many of the time periods and groupings on the page. Today's 52-Week Lows (9/14/2020) A 52-week high is the highest price that a stock has traded at in the last year. Futures and Forex: 10 or 15 minute delay, CT. © 2020 Barchart.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Loading... We are in the process of updating our Market Data experience and we want to … Free members are limited to 5 downloads per day, while Barchart Premier Members may download up to 100 .csv files per day. Follow this list to discover and track stocks that have set 52-week highs within the last week. Futures and Forex: 10 or 15 minute delay, CT. 52 Week High Low: Prices of commodities, securities and stocks fluctuate frequently, recording highest and lowest figures at different points of time in the market. Allows the user to select whether to calculate the 52-week values from candle close values or the respective highs/lows. A stock may garner more attention from investors as it nears its 52-week high or 52-week low. The number of New Highs or New Lows is the number of times the stock has hit a new high price (or low price) over the given period. A 52-week high can be considered as a technical indicator that reflects the maximum price of a stock for one year which often forms a strong resistance level. This View the results and save them to a Watchlist, or save the Screener to run again at a later date. Download is a free tool available to Site Members. In most cases, the number listed on the Highs/Lows Summary page will match the value shown on the chart, but due to the way we update the website, the numbers may sometimes be slightly out-of-sync. Available only with a Premier Membership, you can base a Stock Screener off the symbols currently on the page. Each of these lists require the security to have over 5 days of prices, with a last price above $0.25 and below $10,000, and with volume greater than 1000 shares. Click on any of the widgets to go to the full page. Logged in users have the option to select a tab (Highs, Lows or Summary), select any timeframe and view, then save that page as the default page to open next time you come to the Highs/Lows page. The 52-week high/low is the highest and lowest price at which a security, such as a stock, has traded over the prior 52-week period. Your Saved Screener will always start with the most current set of symbols found on the New Highs/Lows page before applying your custom filters and displaying new results. Click on the company name to get the company profile page. 52 Week High; 52 Week Low; Search Historical High/Low values- YOU ARE ON THE NEW NSE WEBSITE, ACCESS THE OLD WEBSITE ON THE URL www1.nseindia.com OR CLICK HERE. This is to notify and alert our clients and other stakeholders about the communication from Securities and Exchange Board of India that some fraudster entities operating throughout India have been sending bulk messages to clients trading on recognized stock exchanges on the pretext of providing investment tips and luring them with a promise of hefty profits. Repeat this anywhere as you move through the table to enable horizontal scrolling. 11,440.05 -24.40 (-0.21%) Next … 52 Week High / Low Indicator A simple, unobtrusive indicator that can be used on any timeframe to display the 52 week high/low values. Stocks must have traded for the specified time period in order to be considered as a new High or Low.