It is a week in which a lot will happen again with your baby and of course with your body. You may be worried about your relationship, or money, or having somewhere permanent to live. You should also learn to keep communication lines open with your partner. Explore a few of your baby’s week 9 milestones in this interactive experience. Keep your pregnancy on track. Thank you, {{}}, for signing up. Some women describe this time as being like an “emotional rollercoaster”, so hold on to your hat, get lots of rest and accept offers of help from everyone around you…. Now that your very first prenatal visit is likely under your belt, your new reality might be feeling that much more real. Their hands and feet will be growing too. First off, welcome to your third month of pregnancy! The physical features, organs, and body systems continue to develop.. Your baby’s heart should also have divided into four separate chambers, and will be pumping rapidly (this is normal). As for you, morning sickness typically peaks this week. “Ice packs and cool baths work to reduce inflammation and numb the pain. Progesterone relaxes the smooth muscle in your body and slows down digestion so you can absorb more nutrients from the food you eat. Baby also has ear lobes and the very tip of their nose can be seen in profile. Don't be shy – they will have heard it all before and will want to help. Andrea Chisolm, MD, is a board-certified OB/GYN who has taught at both Tufts University School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. feel weak and that is not only due to nausea and dizziness. Generally speaking, mood swings hit the hardest between week 6 and week 10, returning during the third trimester as you mentally and physically prepare for birth. Also, try to drink a lot. For example, do you know that having a nice breakfast in bed reduces the chance of nausea? In a short time, you will have your little one in your arms. Progesterone relaxes smooth muscle tissue, leading to gas, bloating, burping, and flatulence You are unlikely to be visibly pregnant at 9 weeks because there … From what's happening inside your body, to how your baby is developing, and tips and advice on having a healthy pregnancy – this is your one-stop pregnancy guide! When you're 9 weeks pregnant, the hormone is at its peak. Remember that something happens in your body that is beautiful and remains very special! The good and bad news is that at 9 weeks, morning sickness is likely at its worst. When it comes to heartburn during pregnancy, you can blame those hormones again—specifically progesterone. Allison Hill, M.D. It's a great place to write your thoughts and feelings and document your symptoms and body changes. You’re probably feeling extra bloated and maybe a bit lethargic, but remember that this is mainly due to the hormones that are floating around in your system. What is the cause of morning sickness? All those ailments can spoil the pleasure of being pregnant. It is wise to drink enough so that this bloated feeling will go away faster. Pregnancy symptoms week 1-2, complaints, and a pregnancy test. Embryology. Continue drinking about ten to 12 glasses of water a day. Let your provider know if you start to crave nonfood substances, such as laundry starch, dirt, or clay (a condition called pica). Or a new haircut? But there’s no right way to feel…. When it comes to pregnancy symptoms, you may feel like you've already reached... Pregnancy Symptoms Week 9. Eat healthily, with plenty of fresh fruit and veg, and avoid processed, fatty and salty foods. energy you receive is used for the development of your child. This acts as a barrier that keeps anything in the vagina safely away from the baby.”, Sex during pregnancy won't hurt the baby.