Enjoy. His boyfriend is about to sit down on the couch when he looks up from his pretend chat with Emilia’s daughter and looks toward the glass doors. TK looks up at him from where he’s holding his niece safely near his chest. Carlos rolls his eyes when Judd waits for TK to look back to his plate before looking up and flashing a grin and an enthusiastic thumbs up. While Alex had once pursued him and made him feel like he was worth something outside of his dad’s shadow, now that TK looked back on it, the whole relationship had been toxic. Work Search: Judd sighed even though inside he was very happy that they decided to have curry tonight. "A curry. Marjan and Paul brought up the rear with Julian following them watching everything they did. "Alright fine." Everyone who signs up to make a gift for someone will also receive a gift. It got a lot longer than I expected, but I really wanted to show some of smitten/pining TK that we haven’t seen much of yet in this canon slow burn. new content. TK nodded. Carlos brings TK along. Enjoy. We answered some faq’s, but feel free to send an ask or message us with any other questions you may have. What does everyone want?" He still thinks only his dad Owen knows about their engagement, but he’s in for a surprise. It’d burrowed into TK’s mind and made him doubt his self-worth, made him lose all respect for himself. It may still be a while away, but it’s never too early to get excited about the holiday season (or to start planning a project!). Came a distressed woman's answer. Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with 911 Lone Star, Fox, or anything else related to that particular universe. The glass door is open,the sun is out, and TK can hear his dog barking, most likely at birds. We’re truly blown away by all the :) Rating because of some mild violence and injury detail. Buck has been spending most nights at ours and Chris is taking advantage of it.”, “I want to hear more about it later, but let’s eat now.”. 5 Times TK begins biting on Carlos' fingers without realising and is insecure about it +1 time he definitely knows what he's doing. And that completes our first ever 911 Lone Star Week! No one would have been home.”. As he gets closer, he can hear friendly chatter and silverware clinking against plates. He was so sweet and kind and incredibly hot. ", TK rolled his eyes "Not in that way. If any of you still have things to post, feel free to do so, “You can’t imagine how much. It was not your fault. Their lips meet softly and Carlos can feel TK’s bodyweight shift as far back toward him as he can with the chair still between them. "Guys let's not argue on everything!" Please join us in spreading love and appreciation for TK (9-1-1: Lone Star) from November 2 - November 8, 2020. “I’m done,” Sophia says, turning around to go back into the kitchen to put the apron away, but not before secretly smiling at Carlos who returns her grin happily. To participate and to make it easier to share your works please tag me directly in your creations and/or use the #911spocappreciationweek #911scoc or #911spoc. idfk. He watches Owen nudge Judd, who’s sitting next to him, and point subtly, then mime zipping his lips. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Carlos thinks that it's because of his past relationship but that's only part of it. This is a continuation to my Day 6 fic. Enjoy. All of them were tired after a long day fighting fires and helping people but they all knew to keep spirits up if they were going to get through the next rescue they were going to. Everyone who is important to him is there. ... TK could feel the warmth of his fathers body leaving him and being replaced by cold hands of paramedics. All you need to do to participate is fill out this google form and we will pair you with a gift recipient and provide some basic information on what they would like. "Now can we focus on the task in hand!" 100 word drabble for day 7 of @911lonestarweek : anything goes! Eventually, TK comes to realise that Carlos isn't turned off by his habit and uses the knowledge to his advantage. He'd nearly drowned himself in dirty water while saving Ellen. Owen smiled as the group shouted out things they could make for dinner. “Cutlery and plates are in the kitchen and you can eat wherever there’s space. He had even remembered to bring everything he needed with him to work that morning.