The iconic Alp cruiser draws even with the . EPA city/highway: 19/27 mpgC/D observed: 18 mpg. According to Porsche, the suspension, engine, transmission, body structure, and aerodynamic aids have been "designed from scratch". Managing Editor - Review Gallery Price & Specs $ 217,800 Mrlp. Seven speeds! Some of you will now be thinking about the 993 GT2, but you could just as well have the new 911 Carrera in your mind's eye. There have been some brilliant drivers’ cars out of Porsche headquarters over the years, but the fact is that more buyers are shifting away from manual-transmission models. I'm certain many owners wouldn't notice the difference. The PDK gearbox also remains outstanding: shifts are cut-throat quick but effortlessly smooth, with just a little bite to them. We'll see. From £84,700 9. Launched so far as the Carrera S and 4S, the new car is substantially wider than the 991. With no extras whatsoever, the Carrera costs £82,793, making it some £10,000 less expensive than the Carrera S. I should add that this test car costs considerably more than basic, thanks to extras such as a nose-lift system, sports exhaust, and the Sport Chrono Package mentioned a moment ago, which includes the dynamic engine mounts. Beyond the benefits of commonality, the benefit to Porsche and to 911 buyers is improved fuel economy. At 19 mpg city and 27 highway, the new 3.4-liter Carrera gets 1-and 2-mpg bumps (city and highway, respectively) compared with last year’s 3.6-liter Carrera equipped with a six-speed manual. But it won’t be some fuel-sipping Prius wannabe - instead, customers and enthusiasts alike can expect a performance-oriented hybrid drivetrain derived from the Porsche 918 Spyder. Is the steering a touch heavy? Porsche has always been careful to prevent it from out-performing its bigger brother. It might be slightly muted when compared to the old model, and not quite as edgy, but the engine still sounds fantastic. The two cars also share a very similar contact patch, though in 2019 the Carrera's 295-section rear tyres class as fairly modest, whereas in 1995 the 285-sections on the GT2 were almost grotesque by the standards of road-going Porsches. They are really wide nowaday, no point saying it is an optical illusion. The peak torque figures tell the real story, though, especially on road - 450Nm and 500Nm. With so much power and torque already at their disposal, that looks like a decent trade for the Carrera owner. The new 911 might look the 'same' as the outgoing model, but up front, only the bonnet remains common. There’s only the barest hint of turbo whoosh low down in the rev range and, after that, it’s just an onslaught of relentless, hammering speed.