The production concentrated from the beginning on high quality accordions. Difficult for smaller hands to manipulate. Marinucci is a former Italian accordion manufacturer. 50 m from the Gare Saint-Roch in Montpellier. The term "voices" refers to the number of sets of reeds in an accordion. Accordions that feature tone chambers tend to cost more than those without, so most first time buyers would go for a standard, non-chambered accordion. While all of the instruments from the brand that are still found today are old, some are of remarkable quality. Piano accordions are a newer invention than button accordions, but have overtaken the traditional kind in popularity. Black Diamond Accordions sell high-quality, stylish, but affordable piano and button accordions and melodeons. The Fisart range is well studied to cover various needs and includes a few highly successful models. The brand specializes in chromatic button and piano accordions. Most players find that sitting down is the most comfortable playing position, but you can also play standing up if you have a good strap. A fabulously priced teaching toy that allows beginners to explore accordion in the key of C. A tiny, budget-priced instrument with decent sound quality. Pros: Small and lightweight compared to other types of accordion, with both diatonic and chromatic options available. The train station offers ample parking. You might want a model with the full 120 bass notes, but if it's going to be too big and heavy for you to handle, you'd be better off with a smaller model. The popular Ballone Burini brand, now known as FBB, is an accordion maker based in Italy. A stellar accordion from a reputable manufacturer. Read on for our full guide to accordions. E. Soprani is an accordion manufacturer that produces the mechanics and reeds in Italy, then mounts the parts in Asia before finishing the instruments back in Italy. Created in 1922, the factory became well known for the quality of its free bass / converter accordions, and especially so among jazz and classical accordionists. Costs more than any other instrument on our list but is affordable when compared to similar products. The manufacturer most notably produced a lot of accordions for the world market in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Paul Beuscher is an accordion brand founded in 1850. Save on Roland Accordions and on Squeeze Boxes as well as Percentage Deductions. An accordion can have anywhere between 22 and 45 treble keys, and 8 and 185 bass keys. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers.