They tell by the lessening of daylight and there being fewer flowers for them to feed off of. 101 Alameda NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114 ​Click here for directions. Now, for all the usual hot weather veggies like beans, cowpeas, corn, squashes, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons, gourds and sunflowers, you should plant those seeds directly into the ground around July 15. Now, for all the summer vegetables like beans, cowpeas, corn, squashes, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons, gourds and sunflowers, you should plant those seeds directly into the ground around April 16, or if your soil is still very cold, once the soil is near 60° F in temperature. Just remember, don’t store apples in the same drawer as the chilling bulbs. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Q. Tracey Fitzgibbon is a certified nurseryman. Plant flowering bulbs, biennial and perennial flowers, and vegetables that bear crops below ground during the dark, or waning, of the Moon. Outdoors, the unpredictability of rain, drought, frost, low and high temperatures, sunlight, and pests and diseases can take a toll on young plants, especially when they're just getting started. Plant annual flowers and vegetables that bear crops above ground during the light, or waxing, of the Moon. However, the challenge is getting your crops harvested before the winter frosts begin. In other words, plant from the day after the Moon is full until the day before it is new again. document.write(''); When the soil temperature is 60°F (15.6°C) at a depth of 4 inches, then plant your garlic. Vegetable Planting Calendar; Frost Dates Lookup; Seed Swaps; Plant Lists; Gardening Calculators; Green Pages ; Zone Lookup; Community . 5. } Start these indoors around February 6. If outdoor conditions allow, start hardening off your seedlings approximately one week before your last frost date, then transplant them into the garden. Q. I purchased two hanging baskets of bougainvillea this spring and they have been a continual delight. I suggest that you give the plants a good going over visually to see if there are any pests lurking around the plants to get them ready to come inside. The hummers are fueling up, and the ones that have started their trips south look for your “diner” to be open and functioning. 2. BONUS: You’ll also receive our Almanac Companion newsletter! New Mexico: Vegetable Planting Calendar Planting vegetable seeds or transplants at the correct time is important for getting the most out of your garden. Your planting strategy: Cole crops like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage can be direct seeded into your garden around March 5, assuming the ground can be worked, but it's better to start them indoors around February 6 and then transplant them into the garden around March 27. A well-planned vegetable garden can provide nutritious, high-quality, fresh vegetables for the whole family. Privacy Policy and A. Hummingbirds know the time is soon approaching to head south. Our free planting guide calculates the best dates for sowing seeds indoors and outdoors, and for transplanting seedlings to the garden—all customized to your location. Cover with cypress or cedar mulch to help retain water. Your information will NOT be shared or used for purposes beyond communications from Jericho Nursery, and you may cancel your participation at any time. if ($(window).width() < 1025) { Albuquerque, NM 87114 Continue to water as the plant grows and don’t forget to water in winter. Find the best dates for planting and transplanting vegetables and fruit! In the bed you could work in a some manure and/or milled compost to give that area a boost. Read more about starting seeds indoors here.