Toto! The 54-year-old is best known for his BBC show The Big Impression, which he … Instead, hunting through his father’s family tree reveals an unexpected story rooted firmly in the days of empire. As the Beckhams' style of dress regularly changed – in particular David's changing haircuts – McGowan adapted his costumes and style accordingly. But perhaps most astonishingly, he was Suetonius Jr. As for John, father of the short-lived Suetonius Sr, he’s arguably the most noteworthy of Alistair’s forebears. He learns that Suetonius married a noble Muslim lady, whose name was omitted from the baptism record because she refused to convert to Christianity. And yet, he once revealed that his own father, Mac, was one – the other being his mother, Marion – of the two most important influences on his life. [11], In 2007 McGowan starred as Orin Scrivello (and other, smaller characters) in the West End transfer of the Menier Chocolate Factory's revival of Little Shop of Horrors, and filmed My Life in Ruins, an American comedy film set in the ruins of ancient Greece. In 2008 he made his directing debut at Guildhall School of Music and Drama with Noël Coward's classic comedy Semi-Monde.[12]. Although they knew that their father had been born in Calcutta, India, Alistair and his sister Kay were unaware that their father had an ethnically Anglo-Indian background until McGowan explored his ancestry on BBC One's Who Do You Think You Are? The BBC is not responsible for the content of external web sites. The four-part series was aired from 28 April till 19 May 2015 on BBC 1. He made a return to dramatic acting in 2005, appearing in the BBC's adaptation of Charles Dickens's novel Bleak House. Charismatic detective wise-cracks his way through murder mysteries. The British first became established in India in the early 17th century, gradually achieving economic and political control through the East India Company. Jakamoko! Alistair’s father’s family has … He played Nick's coach in the fifth episode of the new series. [5] He graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA English degree in 1986. It’s a trip he approaches with some trepidation. In 2004 he launched 'the BIG recycle' national recycling campaign. From 10 June to 11 July 2015 McGowan starred in An Audience with Jimmy Savile, a play about Jimmy Savile, written by Jonathan Maitland, at the Park Theatre in London. In 1998, McGowan provided all of the voice characterisation in the 1998 revival of James the Cat for Channel 5 and later in the 2000s, went onto provide guest voices for Yoko! The field, bought for an undisclosed sum from a local land owner, will be split into small squares and sold across the globe. He also provided voices for Spitting Image. Thus the scene is set for a true voyage into the unknown. In 2012, McGowan wrote and hosted the ITV comedy sports show You Cannot Be Serious, in which his impressions included Roy Hodgson, Jedward and Louie Spence. His sporting impressions were showcased on the BBC 2 football magazine programme Sick as a Parrot. “They look completely Indian,” he says. Why did George, who emigrated from the subcontinent to England in 1953, never mention any Indian ancestry? from 1996 to 1998. Yet Alistair is still searching for evidence of his own Indian heritage. Actor and comedian Alistair McGowan had always assumed that tracing his ancestry would reveal a Scottish connection. McGowan was born in Evesham, Worcestershire, to Marion and George McGowan. Bang go Alistair's visions of his Scottish roots - but it has been a magnificent journey all the same, and has laid some long-standing question to rest. Instead, hunting through his father’s family tree reveals an unexpected story rooted firmly in the days of empire. Collecting documentation to register the death, Alistair noticed a small detail on his father’s birth certificate. He wrote the play Timing (nominated as Best New Comedy at the awards[3]) and the book A Matter of Life and Death or How to Wean Your Man off Football with former comedy partner Ronni Ancona. On 9 June 2011 he was unveiled as the newest addition to the BBC Wimbledon commentary team. [10] On 17 December 2012 edition of Countdown, Susie Dent revealed that McGowan neither owns a car nor drives. But there is no sign that John was born in India, so the trail there has come to an end. There is a column stating the country of origin of the soldiers - and John McGowan came from Ireland. His celebrity impressions include David Beckham, Sven-Göran Eriksson, Gary Lineker, Nicky Campbell, Richard Madeley, Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Robert Kilroy-Silk, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Angus Deayton, Terry Wogan and the fictional characters Ross Geller (from Friends) and Dot Cotton (from EastEnders). In Allahabad, Alistair sees telegraph operator Richard’s grave in an overgrown Christian graveyard, a somewhat perilous undertaking because of poisonous snakes that have made their home amidst the dead. He also hosted and starred in a sporting impressions show on Radio 5 live called The Game's Up in the late 1990s. Read more. In later years he developed his portrayal of Beckham into a brainiac infuriated by Posh's lack of intelligence. later went onto air on both the BBC and CBeebies in 2008). He has re-voiced video footage of BBC Sports Personality of the Year and Match of the Day. Read more. In April 2011, he took to the stage at the Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts Centre at the University of Nottingham in David Mamet's controversial drama Oleanna.