Allon Bloch: It’s a true privilege, my friend. It’s not one person. That’s how things get more complicated. Question It’s pretty nearly impossible. Allon Bloch: And while it’s not an apples to apples comparison, we just haven’t built a superior health system that has shown results and we have a series of issues. So, K, we took a very, very different approach. Allon Bloch: Saul, I appreciate inviting me here to talk about K and what we’re doing. It’s a generation or two generations behind. Thanks for having me. Thanks for joining us. Look, I don’t seem to me be to be versus be to seize market business model and the product. And folks, check them out, K Health. Employers. I came here about 20 years ago and I work a lot. You got to do things right from the beginning. It’s a good place to understand what a migraine is. Welcome back to the Outcomes Rocket, Saul Marquez here. I think these companies, all of these, whether it’s large employers or insurance companies, are natural allies because they try to reduce costs. And we did this based on learning from a very large and rich datasets of toobut in-house events that were able to license and non-UN mines and extract these valuable insight. Right. Today I have the privilege of hosting Allon Bloch. So they self-insure above a certain size American. So this is a matter of necessity. One really, really important thing that we did in case focus on continuity of care. Yeah. So essentially we built this really sophisticated EMR, but it’s not built for billing like all other EMR, it’s built for health. You want to make the whole thing much easier. I mean deductible plans are high and e a lot of times it costs more through insurance than if you pay for it yourself. And it’s built for a different era. And we do plan to do a global expansion next year. Saul Marquez: Physicians are certainly are our users. And that’s where it’s just way more expensive than other countries. Sonix uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to convert your mp3 files to text. But even if you’re an affluent person living in a big city and you do have a primary care physician, it’s now 10:00 p.m. or you’re in the middle of a busy workday. If there are there, we explain what they are. To me, that’s one example that springs to mind. Yeah. Sorry, I. Love it. I mean, talk about a total UI improvement or the user experience, you know, that you experience so easy, man. Can they visit K Health and see how they could offer their expertise? Allon Bloch, 50 Princeton, NJ. Like I was looking through it and it gives you a little maps of where the pain is. Edit Profile. And it leads down to a personalized medical protocol for every one of us, not only for highly specialized health journeys such as on college in other areas, but for day to day stuff, for primary care, for prevention, for managing of chronic conditions, for everything that matters. So very cool layout, folks. I have shorter lifespans and in places like Europe and Japan. It’s easier company than trying to figure out a name. And then you’ve got people like Anthem Blue Cross and Signa and then others that also provide insurance. You went to a doctor’s office a few hours, a few days, a few weeks after not feeling well after having a concern.