Allspice essential oil, when added to massage oils and baths, is known to promote circulation so as to relieve pain from muscle cramps and strains., Russell LH, Jr, Mazzio E, Badisa RB, et al. Include Allspice in your daily diet. The berries (Allspice) become brown when they’re dried and look like large, brown, smooth peppercorns. Muscle ailments like pain in muscle and convulsions are treated by Allspice. Allspice is often named as a new spice or Jamaican pepper. In the 1600’s it was introduced to Europe and became a popular substitute for the more expensive cardamom. All information is provided on the website is only for educational purposes and is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The meat is marinated within the spicy seasoning and after that cooked over a wide open fire, just where allspice branches can be used for the firewood. Just add Allspice in your daily diet. 627, JLPL, Industrial Area, Sector-82, Mohali-140306, Punjab (India). Sameri MJ, Sarkaki A, Farbood Y, Mansouri SMT. So include iron rich food in your normal diet to gain sufficient amount of iron. Eugenol is also well known for its anti-inflammatory activity 47) and antioxidant effect 48). Rev Biol Trop. Eur J Immunol. All rights reserved. Combined with increased blood flow, it may result in extra energy and the proper oxygenation of extremities within the body. The dietary bioflavonoid, Quercetin, selectively induces apoptosis of prostate cancer cells by down-regulating the expression of heat shock protein 90. Pharm Res. Boots AW, Haenen GRMM, Bast A. Allspice is a spice that is the dried unripe fruit of Pimenta dioica also called allspice tree. Kim SS, Oh OJ, Min HY, et al. It should be noted however, other than the chemicals isolated from fresh leaves of Pimenta dioica, many of the compounds reported to be in Allspice could potentially be from other known species that produce Allspice, Pimenta racemosa, as commercial Allspice (both berries and powdered form) is a mix of berries from either species. Allspice. Allspice Uses. Kim NS, Hwang BS, Jeong SI, et al. And the anti-oxidant effect was significant when higher dosage of Quercetin is administered in the animal, with which to reach a pharmacologically achievable serum concentration of Quercetin 67). 2008;68:1773–89. Plot No. Cancer Lett. Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil: a review of antimicrobial and other medicinal properties. It is contraindicated for those with cancer or at high risk for cancer, and for chronic gastrointestinal conditions such as reflux disease, duodenal ulcers, diverticulitis, and colitis. Wood which is very firm and hard with close texture, smooth surface and dark to light salmon color is used for making walking sticks and umbrellas. It gives a warm and sweetly pungent taste. Life Sci. Eugenol suppresses cyclooxy-genase-2 expression in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated mouse macrophage RAW264. Our herbal products are 100% natural, pure, vegetarian, and effective. You’ll also find it in fairly sweet dishes just like pumpkin pie, fruit pies, puddings, cakes as well as ice cream. 2003;73:337–48. Clin Microbiol Rev. By using xenograft model, Eugenol was implicated in reducing tumor size and inhibition of metastasis, while cell cycle blockage seemed to be the mechanism in the A431 cells. 2012;13(14):1900-1906., Just like its name allspice is an all-around healer and is used for cooking in Asian countries. Allspice berry are therapeutically beneficial in dealing with flatulence as well as indigestion in traditional medicinal practices. 2009;47:2716–22. Allspice is about 4% oil. Here are some popular and easy ways to add this versatile spice to your diet: Brazilian Journal of Microbiology: “Microbicide activity of clove essential oil (Eugenia caryophyllata).”, Center for Agriculture and Bioscience International: “Pimenta dioica (allspice).”, Contemporary Clinical Dentistry: “Multimodal management of dental pain with focus on alternative medicine: A novel herbal dental gel.”, Current Drug Targets: “Medicinal Properties of the Jamaican Pepper Plant Pimenta dioica and Allspice.”, Johns Hopkins Health: “5 Spices with Healthy Benefits.”, Menopause: “Estrogenic Effects of Herbal Medicines From Costa Rica Used for the Management of Menopausal Symptoms.”, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics: “Chemopreventive effects of oral gallic acid feeding on tumor growth and progression in TRAMP mice.”.