power. All rights reserved. Ambarella Introduces S6LM SoC with Latest Imaging Technology for Professional and Home Security Cameras. The device’s 4K EIS can augment or potentially eliminate the need for a Ambarella reserves the right to alter product their respective holders. Ambarella S2L is a family of full HD camera system on Chip (SoC) designed for consumer, small business and professional IP camera security applications. The S6LM chip shares a common SDK, ISP, and cyber-security features with Ambarella’s existing CV25, CV22, and CV2 SoCs, allowing multiple price-performance options. invitation only event held during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in ^ "Ambarella S5 IP Camera SoC Delivers 4K 10-bit H.265 Video and Multi-Imager Capabilities to the Professional Surveillance Industry". Enter your email address to receive the latest blog updates via email. The H22 includes a highly optimized image processing pipeline with and Ultra HD video processing semiconductors, today introduced the H22 © 2019 Ambarella. It includes a full suite of advanced cyber-security features to protect against hacking, including OTP, secure boot, TrustZone®, and I/O virtualization. It also offers a unique solution for home security applications such as battery-powered cameras, video doorbells, and next-generation passive infrared (PIR) video cameras. Ambarella's system on chips (SoCs) ar… resolution. All rights reserved. The S6LM supports Ambarella’s SmartHEVC™ (H.265) and SmartAVC™ (H.264) algorithms to deliver 4K video with bitrates as low as 512 Kbits/second. Fabricated in 10nm process technology, the SoC has very low-power operation, making it well-suited for small form factor and battery-powered designs. execute flight control algorithms using input from an array of sensors Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), a leading developer of low-power, HD The S6LM includes Ambarella’s latest high dynamic range (HDR) and low-light processing technology, highly efficient 4K H.264 and H.265 encoding, multi-streaming, on-chip 360-degree dewarping, cyber-security features, and a quad-core Arm® CPU. “Fully software compatible with our CVflow family of chips, the S6LM completes our product portfolio to address applications that require outstanding image quality, low-power operation, and cyber-security protection, while remaining cost-conscious.”. New 14nm SoC delivers 4Kp60 Ultra HD video, 4K Image transmitted to the pilot for monitoring and camera control. Ambarella reserves the right to alter product and service offerings, specifications and pricing at any time without notice. Ambarella Introduces S6LM SoC with Latest Imaging Technology for Professional and Home Security Cameras New 10nm S6LM SoC combines advanced image processing, low power consumption, and cyber-security protection. extended battery life. “With 4K HDR, 4K EIS, and a quad-core CPU, the H22 enables a “The Ambarella S6LM’s latest imaging technology will enable outstanding image quality in the next generation of both professional and home monitoring cameras, including video doorbells and battery-powered cameras,” said Fermi Wang, President and CEO of Ambarella. Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), a leading developer of low-power, HD and Ultra HD video processing semiconductors, today introduced the H22 System-on-Chip (SoC) targeting a new generation of 4K drones and sports cameras with leading-edge video features. The on-board 1.2 GHz Quad-Core ARM® Cortex®-A53 CPU provides The CV2A SoC includes dedicated stereovision acceleration, 4KP60/8MP60 video encoding, and CVflow® computer vision processing in a single, low-power design, targeting applications such as multi-channel drive recording, aftermarket ADAS, driver/in-cabin monitoring systems (DMS / CMS), and single/multi-channel electronic mirrors. networking. encode 4K Ultra HD video, stabilize it in real time using EIS, and engine to support wide-angle panoramic designs with minimal distortion. Full-HD live video stream may be processed, encoded and wirelessly 4K AVC and HEVC encoding with multi-stream support, Quad-core 1 GHz Arm Cortex® A53 with NEON DSP extensions and FPU, Advanced security features including OTP, secure boot, Trust Zone, and IO virtualization, Real-time hardware-accelerated 360-degree dewarping and lens distortion correction (LDC), Multi-channel ISP with up to 400 MPixel/s input pixel rate, Multi-exposure HDR and wide dynamic range (WDR) processing, SmartAVC and SmartHEVC intelligent rate control for lowest bitrates in security applications, Up to triple-sensor video input with high-speed SLVS/MIPI-CSI/LVCMOS interfaces, Rich set of interfaces includes gigabit ethernet, USB 2.0 host and device, three SD card controllers with SDXC support, and HDMI v2.0.