I have recently gotten my solar done through American Array. Nate and Buddy did a very good job of communicating their respective parts of the project (steps, timing, etc.) Make sure you protect your roof. throughout, and returned phone calls / answered questions, and kept me in-the-loop. They promised to start construction on May 13 and finish it by May 17 - "in four days." Established in 2001, American Solar & Roofing is a specialty contractor focused on high-quality solar PV System Design and Installation services. Battery Energy Storage System is a cost-effective solution to lower energy bill. Other trademarks are the property of EnergySage, LLC or our licensors and are used with permission. Whether you need a minor roof repair, a complete roof replacement or just an expert opinion, we’ll be with you every step of the way. On June 7, I sent Joy Seitz, American Solar President, a Breach of Contract letter and threatened legal action and other remedial steps. * For 2 years from the day your system first provides power to your home, American Solar & Roofing guarantees the system will produce an amount of energy, at expected levels, as detailed in the Statement of General Performance. Save the environment with clean energy, and your wallet, too. Then they suddenly showed up on May 13 and worked for two days to remove the clay tiles from the roof. They left the roof tiles scattered on the roof and in my yard, and never returned since May 15 despite my numerous calls, emails and other messages. This is unacceptable service! Yet they never delivered the PV panels which were also due on May 13, and never finished the roof job. We develop techniques and processes that capture waste heat and solar heated-air and deliver that heat to the building for many uses. AMERICAN Array Solar made this a no brainer solution, Ahmad was extremely friendly, and felt like a true friend helping another out. Whether you need a minor roof … ASI provides advice to these companies on how to use these conventional construction techniques to capture low cost heat to reduce energy expenses. Our professionals analyze your utility consumption and inspect your roof and electrical system to ensure seamless integration of solar into your home. John Archibald founded American Solar in 2000. Make sure you protect your roof. They kept us informed throughout the entire process, and were quick to get back to us with any subsequent questions. He holds dual engineering degrees and an MBA. And it makes even more sense to choose us. American Array Solar & Roofing is a world class organization committed to the green power and home efficiency revolution. When you join our team, you are welcomed into a diverse family where individual contributions are respected and valued.