It would then disconnect. If the king is disabled, the indicator on the vehicle responsible will begin flashing white, indicating the new king. Slick track with cloudy grime film - rejuvenate track with clean microfiber with hand pressure more than "dusting" but less than "coarse sandpapering". Restarted app Rebooted iPad Different iPad Tried with less cars on the track Tried with different wireless network (2.4 instead of 5.0) Charger car much much longer than the 10 min recommended. If it isn't, continue to step 4. If you're in an outside lane and get scrambled, especially in a 'risky' track section, watch out., Press J to jump to the feed. See news or ask about troubleshooting. Customer Care Updated May 01, 2020 16:37. and wow! © 2006 - 2017 Cool Mom Picks, LLC. Vehicle lighting refers to the lighting systems of a supercar. I had erratic behavior with groundshock. And this is going to be a hotter toy than even last year’s introduction. The same applies when Groundshock fires her Electropulse. Open the OverDrive app and see if your issue is resolved. Had the same issue with the same car, but was wondering how you contacted Amazon to get the new car. It switches to steady green when charging is complete. I also find that this works right out of the box. Liz Gumbinner is the co-Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cool Mom Picks network. You'll know it's working when the cloudiness is gone. I just got my Anki Overdrive Fast and Furious edition and the Ice Charger keeps turning off about 40 seconds into the race and disconnecting. The cars change lanes forcefully even with small movements. I've ordered a few of those to try and fix the faulty units, so that may be worth trying. Post videos of the fun you have had tracks and races. I think this issue is caused by one car scanning the track in reverse before an event (i.e. Then WEDGE next. That may be it. If you started the race on the edge of running off, then fell behind, (2) and (3) could push you over the edge. Discuss Overdrive Share your tracks and ideas. When he got it it would connect, do the track scan, line up, and start the race. Last year we fell in love with the Anki Drive app-controlled racers, calling it one of our top tech toys of 2014. And this is where I wish I had a whole lot more floor space; though if you can open up a leaf on a dining room table, or clear a decent sized space on the living room floor where you might otherwise be playing Xbox, you should be good. Hello, I purchased a couple of Anki Overdrive sets 2 (or 3?) For example, Nuke, when firing the Disintegrator, will have his lights rapidly flash red and green for as long as the trigger is held down. (Overdrive Cars only) A steady white light on the supercar's indicator light represents the supercar receiving a new firmware update, which is launched whenever the user attempts to pair him/herself or an AI commander to a supercar in a new update, in order for the supercars to remain compatible for the game. A steady green light is shown when a vehicle is on the charger, and is fully charged. All cars have three sets of lights: two hood-mounted weapon lights, a roof mounted indicator light, and two rear tail lights. I believe there's been a lot of issues with the batteries in Anki Overdrive cars lately. If it's the AI going off track, start with the easiest commanders who drive more conservatively and that should help. Bio Setting the throttle and maxing it at top speed does not work as a strategy for everything the way it used to do. Customer Care Updated 29 May 2020 22:08. Yet it’s fantastic for teens and adults too. This is what leads me to suspect faulty/old batteries in some cars. I did, only with groundshock though, wasn't sure how to possibly solve it until now. Generally discuss any thing Digital dream labs or Anki related. The 3 other cars work just fine with no issues at all. Trust me, you will find yourself saying whoa! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Liz Gumbinner 14 very cool virtual summer camps for kids, 8 of our favorite online educational resources, 10 awesome online STEM camps for kids this summer, 8 ideas for homeschool schedules that may work for you, 5 audiobook apps keep us entertained and learning, The best ways to clean and disinfect your phones and gadgets. POINT, HOOK, and MICROLOOP are pretty good. bio | @coolmompicks twitter | @coolmomtech twitter, CEO/Publisher/Editor When he got it it would connect, do the track scan, line up, and start the race. All cars have three sets of lights: two hood-mounted weapon lights, a roof mounted indicator light, and two rear tail lights. Only no insane guy hanging off the front of your grill shooting flame throwers off his guitar. Could you elaborate on point 12? support of more than one player on a device needed. This occurs whenever a car is damaged by enemy attacks. If it is, then your risks with the throttle are increased. LOOPBACK and OVERPASS can create problems b/c of the downhills.