[33] And it now bears the name "Georgios Kamaras Stadium" in memory of one of the top footballers that the club has made.[34][35]. On May 1, 1905, the Apollon club celebrated with magnificence. This page was last edited on 20 September 2020, at 18:37. Thousands of Apollon fans celebrated this huge success, that was to be the last before the destruction of İzmir. ⏱ #KickOff Έναρξη αγώνα. In 1911, Apollon accomplished a victory over the most powerful soccer team of the season, the team of the Austrian warship "Wirintous"! Sixteen teams will compete in the league – the top fourteen teams from the previous season, and two teams promoted from the Football League. Transfers: Overview of all signed and sold players of club Apollon Smyrnis for the current season. Among the founders of Apollon were prominent residents of İzmir such as Chrysostomos of Smyrna and Vasilis Samios. This primitive gym (fenced with a cloth rope) was the precursor of Apollon's gymnasium, as well as the hive for the later great athletes of the club. The current crest depicts the head of Apollo Citharoedus (or Musagetes). There they were first seat. Chairman N. Koulmasis gave the speech of the day, while the famous S. Pittakis spoke of Delphi and recited the anthem to the god Apollo. [10] The club's first home ground was located at a place near the Greek Parliament called "Stiles Olympiou Dios" (Pillars of Olympian Zeus). [26][27] He testified to the district attorney that the fate of the team depended on the actions of corrupt members of the Hellenic Football Federation,[28] naming a number of officials currently accused in the 2015 Greek football scandal. The first emblem of the club, since 1894, was the three runners. After the Greco-Turkish War and the expulsion of the Greeks from Asia Minor, Apollon moved to Athens. The table lists the positions of teams after each week of matches. Founded in 1954, Apollon FC currently plays in the Cypriot First Division and has won the championship title three times, the cup nine times and the Super Cup three times. In these games victors for Apollon were the following athletes: Gounaris, Patestidis and K. Alexiou. OFI won 3–2 on aggregate and retained their spot in 2019–20 Super League; Platanias placed in 2019–20 Super League 2. In 1910, the football club's emblem becomes the ancient Greek conveyor, which will be removed even before World War II, given its already negative identification with National Socialism and Adolf Hitler. PAOK were deducted 2 points by court decision. Later, the club's emblem is adopted with the bust of the god Apollo. To this contributed, of course, the club's soccer players with their fighting spirit and their high morals. Two of them, Marselos and Hrysoulis, were captured and remained forever on Ionian soil. [5], In 1894, with the election of its new presiding board, Apollon adopted as its emblem three runners and at the same time it established an excursion department. That's why the creator of this gymnasium, I. Psalof, called him "grandfather" of Apollon. [30] On 4 June 2017, Apollon Smyrnis were promoted to Super League alongside 2nd placed Lamia.[31][32]. Καλή επιτυχία Απόλλων! Find out everything you need to know about GS Apollon Smyrnis in FM2016 including Transfer and … The fourth spot was a cause of controversy between the Super League and Greek Football Federation (EPO), however, the sporting court decided in favour of the play-off match in order to not completely diminish the chance for the second division runner-up to be promoted, as they would normally be promoted automatically in a normal season. [1], Apollon acquired its own stadium in 1894. However, this antagonism was progressively blunted, since the men of Apollon were active mainly in football and went on to create one of the most powerful teams of Asia Minor and one of the three most important teams in Greek lands, whereas Panionios was focused on the track, producing some very important athletes. Remarkably, the making of these games was all under the supervision of prefect of Smyrni, Kiamil pasa, a measure of the huge scope and power of this association.