But trust me, this is not what I really wanted. I love you and I always will. :: “I am fully aware that I lost your respect and any rights I might have had, and the truth is that I know for sure that this indifference with which you treat me is what I deserve. :: “I took my time, but now I see how wrong I was. The thought of you makes me smile, and I know our love was real, so I’m writing you this In these moments I’ve realized how much you mean to me and so, I want you to forgive me. My girlfriend has not been talking to me rather she dont give me much time again because im not romatic to her always. True love can overcome everything. Also, you have to assure her that the situation will not be repeated, making it clear that what you want more than anything in the world, is to be by her side. To: Marilyn They provoked me and I let myself be provoked, it meant nothing more than that. I’m sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused you and I If you’re the one who owes an apology, make it count. These tears that run down my cheek are filled Each time I remember you and think of you because you’re the best thing that happened to me and I love you so much. my girlfriend is not taking to me in 03 years. Searching for I am very sorry love letters ? I promise you that I will try to change, because I see that it cannot continue like this”. letter so that you know how I truly feel. ( I messed up and now I see that you mean the how I broke your heart. Also if you want you can help this website by sending your I’m sorry love phrases, and will be published, others friends will thank you . So forgive me for my impertinence”. I have never been so happy and this happiness I owe to you alone. To help you in this endeavor to get your girlfriend back, we have brought a series of phrases you may use to apologize with her for having committed an infidelity. :: “Over time, I began to look at my phone like a crazy person, because I imagine things that are not even happening when I do not have news from you. If you made this mistake and now you feel sorry for it, it is important that you let your girlfriend know the truth and how badly you feel for it. I swear I will not have a drink in my life, it is a promise that I am ready to sign with blood if you will excuse me. I’ve done. Love in the real world means saying you're sorry … know that you didn’t deserve to be hurt like September 20, 2017. Believe me and I will demonstrate it to you with the passage of time, in order to regain your trust”. If you’ve done something that has upset or hurt your partner then it is right that you apologize and try to fix things. By staying on our website you agree to our use of cookies . Cookies policy, click the link for more information.plugin cookies, Christmas greetings | Love messages | Birthday greetings. I love you with all my strength and I just live for you. Some people think that having a couple means owning another person; unfortunately, they could not be more wrong.