Capacity Polypropylene Dolly. One image has been uploaded to this topic. You will see the welds give out on their models., 7y When considering a hand truck vs dolly, there is much to consider. Just make sure they are filled before you use them... Edit: Forgot to mention, from the driveway to the basement is across the lawn. 600lb hand truck 1000 lbs. Compare; Find My Store. … To date, back problems incurred: 0 Most of the time, I can handle moving a machine on my own with a lift cart. Really need the kickout wheels for hauling pins long distances. 112K I simply can't justify spending nearly $2k for a hand truck. I can only ask so many times. 6 I did some research on the HF dollies as well. It is small, versatile, and extremely convenient – the lower shelf portion of the truck can be easily slid under an item, then the whole dolly can be tilted backwards, making it a child’s play to lift and move the piece around. I have a cheap Lowes appliance dolly with solid wheels and rolling stair runners that works great, but it's still a sometimes-crappy, 2-person job especially for widebody games. Dollies come in different shapes and sizes (you can get a small dolly cart, a large dolly, a collapsible dolly, a 4 wheel cart dolly, etc. Capacity. I have cement stairs going down to the basement with a left turn at bottom. I think most of the stuff at HF is pretty poor quality. Upstairs is a two person job with either. Sometimes hand trucks come with extra wheels that kick out to make it a four-wheel carrier. 131K 209K It just makes it worse. Get more information about rental pricing, product details, photos and rental locations here. A separate body and backbox are easier to manage than carrying the whole thing as one piece. 10y It has removable air filled tires, the stair climbing feature with solid rollers, and then the pin plate/fork lift with a wench (which has hitch attachment that allows you to drive around with the thing hanging off the back of your truck). for pricing and availability. 7,596 I typically recommend the MS-66 with the Big Wheel attachment. How to Use a Moving Dolly: Furniture Dolly vs. Appliance Dolly Moving large and heavy furniture pieces during a house move can be a backbreaking job – difficult, strenuous, and dangerous. 50,400 943 A moving dolly, sometimes also called furniture moving dollies or a moving dollie, can be either a 2-wheeled upright hand truck or a 4-wheeled platform-style piece of equipment. 8y It allows me to moves pins without sucking a friend into helping and it ensure that I do not get hurt and I do not destroy my house nor do I damage the game in the moving process. They’re also handy to have around the house for those little tasks: moving a large potted plant outside on the patio, an oversized box in a storage room, even a heavy toolbox in the garage. 600 lbs. Some models even include a locking auto-recoil mechanism or a special tightening handle for increased safety. 91,400 Compare to. But how do you decide between a hand truck vs dolly? 1000 lb. 7y Ensure a clear path (remove any obstacles from the way) between your starting point and destination point; Put the largest and heaviest box you want to transport on the base of the hand truck, place a second one on top of it, and keep stacking the boxes until you reach the top of the vertical part of the dolly (make sure the top box is at least partially resting on the back of the hand truck – otherwise it will slide off when the dolly starts rolling); Create a straight and balanced stack (make sure the boxes are perfectly aligned) so that the boxes don’t topple over when the dolly is rolling; Avoid topping the stack with a large box that blocks your view – you need to be able to see where you are going; To get a stack of boxes onto your hand truck, tip it forward to slip the dolly’s bottom plate underneath the boxes.