As a general rule of thumb, give animals space and observe them respectfully and calmly from a distance. Damselfish are dedicated gardeners, tending a small algal patch which provides their food. According to National Geographic, the puffer fish—found in warmer climates worldwide—houses a toxic substance called tetrodotoxin that's up to 1,200 times more lethal than cyanide. Sea animals and fish are frequently the victims of negative publicity. ... the southern stingray and the Atlantic stingray. Stingrays. Weis, Judith S. Do Fish Sleep? Some of the ocean's most venomous villains are hiding right below the surface. (And no, you shouldn't actually take a page out of Monica Geller's book and pee on someone if they get stung by a jellyfish. They are generally docile creatures and are not known to attack humans. One of the most common marine life injuries from scuba diving is scraping against coral. Of course, these sea creatures, which are found all over the world, move too slowly to creep up and attack anyone, but divers and beach dwellers often step on them by accident, after which their barbed spines "release toxins" and can cause a slew of complications from shock and paralysis to muscle aches and infection. Well, according to one scientist who let himself get shocked in the name of science (and published his findings in the journal Current Biology), it's worse than being shot by a TASER gun. Exotic fish curators love to add lionfish to their collections, seeing as the fish, which is prevalent in Indo-Pacific waters, has such unique and beautiful features. People often mistake the Portuguese man o' war for a jellyfish, but this stinging animal is actually a species of siphonophore found in warmer parts of the ocean around the world. As with most aquatic life injuries, barracuda attacks are almost always either defensive or mistaken. Visiting the beach is a fun and safe way to enjoy a summer’s day. The danger with jellyfish is that they frequently have long transparent tentacles that are difficult to spot, so a diver may accidentally swim into them. As the world saw with Steve Irwin in 2006, stingray stings have the potential to be deadly, although they are almost always treatable. As with many other spiny fish species, lionfish spines release a powerful neurotoxin when touched. A far cry from the land of singing crustaceans and forgetful (yet totally good-natured!) A diver who contacts the reef may be cut by the sharp limestone or stung by coral polyps. Avoid contact with lionfish, and all other aquatic life. Then, inform your fellow beach-goers and the closest lifeguard. Damselfish are relatively small (about 3-5 inches in general) and sometimes very pretty. The stingrays you can pet at the aquarium can't sting you, seeing as they have their barbs—or stingers—removed. As National Geographic explains, the tiny barbs that stick out of it "produce a painful burning sensation" when divers come in contact with them. When it comes to life underwater, we've barely scratched the surface. © 2020 Galvanized Media. A jellyfish sting can injure a scuba diver. The yearly mustache drive for charity has raised nearly $800 million so far. More often than not, browsing through wildlife documentary channels on television will reveal a disappointing trend. While the Atlantic stingray has a long venomous spine, and the southern has a sharp, serrated barb that can lead to severe pain if stepped on, both aren’t perceived to be dangerous … This is a free and confidential service.