For each team, the number of matches played appears in green between brackets, and the number of points is displayed in black. Speaking of crapshoots...anyone from 14-20th could do down and I wouldn't blink, but here we go: Fulham's squad construction is baffling again, Palace have been living on borrowed time for a while (insert Roy Hodgson is old joke) and Leeds feel like they're being given way too comfortable a ride because people are happy to see them back. Dean Smith’s side will take on Everton at Goodison Park on Thursday, July 16 (ko 6pm). Toby Cudworth: 1) Liverpool, 2) Man City, 3) Man Utd, 4) Chelsea, 5) Arsenal, 6) Tottenham, 7) Wolves, 8) Everton, 9) Leicester, 10) Southampton, 11) Newcastle, 12) Burnley, 13) Sheffield United, 14) Leeds, 15) Brighton, 16) West Ham, 17) Crystal Palace, 18) Aston Villa, 19) West Brom, 20) Fulham. Jack Gallagher: 1) Liverpool, 2) Man City, 3) Man Utd, 4) Arsenal, 5) Chelsea, 6) Tottenham, 7) Everton, 8) Leicester, 9) Wolves, 10) Southampton, 11) Newcastle, 12) Brighton, 13) Burnley, 14) Sheffield United, 15) Crystal Palace, 16) Aston Villa, 17) Leeds, 18) West Ham, 19) West Brom, 20) Fulham, Player of the season: Matt DohertyYoung player of the season: Aaron ConnollyManager of the season: Stephen Kenny. Graduate Shanique Davis has won the oldest house in Sedgley, plus a £50k Range Rover and hot tub! But how would the Premier League table have looked without VAR in place during the 2019/20 campaign? they know the most?⦿ Who'd be most likely to win the EPL as manager?Stirring the pot with the @SkySportsPL pundits ahead of the Premier League return. They don’t have the depth to match Manchester City and so will drop back below them. The bottom half, however, is essentially impossible to predict. ... Bristol City v Aston Villa — 2 pm ... PEACOCK PREMIUM TO FEATURE MORE THAN 175 EXCLUSIVE PREMIER LEAGUE MATCHES IN 2020-21 SEASON. ---------- HT: 0-0 ----------1-0  Ezri Konsa (63), (1) (Equalizer goals conceded / Goals giving lead) * 100 Highlights Scores Table Fixtures Podcasts Clubs. For more info on how many times each team has taken the lead per match or how many times per match their opponents have taken the lead, you may want to view the following pages: Top eight, I think, write themselves, but beyond that it's a lottery. Ross Kennerley: 1) Liverpool, 2) Man City, 3) Man Utd, 4) Chelsea, 5) Arsenal, 6) Tottenham, 7) Wolves, 8) Leicester, 9) Southampton, 10) Sheffield United, 11) Everton, 12) Burnley, 13) Leeds, 14) Newcastle, 15) Brighton, 16) Crystal Palace, 17) West Ham, 18) Aston Villa, 19) West Brom, 20) Fulham. I've been talking myself into betting against Liverpool for years now but I'm finally kicking that habit. Dean Smith's side confirmed their top-flight status with a 1-1 draw away at West Ham United on Sunday. A table full of England's more eminent names, but with the caveat being that the disparity between top and bottom remains grossly untouched. Aston Villa would have finished one place and two points better off if VAR wasn't used in the Premier League this season. Expect Arsenal and Wolves to improve on last season, although it could be Premier League curtains for a fairly stagnant Crystal Palace. I've gone for Liverpool because I think they're probably best equipped, but I don't think they'll hit the standards of last season - that dream of winning the title after 30 years has been achieved and it's only natural to see a drop off.