I DIDNT THINK GETTING BULLIED IN SCHOOL WAS JUST AS BAD AS GETTING SOLD OUT TO GROWN MEN AS A BABY BUT OKAY. We also got word from another supporter that her instagram was taken down, and that was accurate as of last night. That’s just as bad. Given how Peaches has talked her time with Cora I think it’s extremely unlikely that nothing happened. Johnson’s actions and threats toward her daughter were well-documented on her social media, sparking a couple of petitions on Change.org calling for her arrest. login. It’s unclear exactly how old Cora is, with some outlets reporting that she’s eight months old and others saying she’s now a few years old. Peaches actually Ran away after Cora was born . Cookies help us deliver our Services. Join the ranks of independent, free thinkers by supporting us today for as little as $1. Peaches technically isn’t breaking any laws with that. Like Canadian Harmony, Coral Star peaches store very well. We also have many questions about the details of the entire case. Therefore NO ONE IS RIGHT IN THAT SITUATION , The stuff she’s doing online should be enough for CPS to intervene, no child deserves that type of upbringing. 2020 Brittany also known as "Peaches" goes on many long rants to her thousands of Instagram followers about how she wants to kill her own daughter, cut off her hair when she goes to school, write all over her face with marker, and potentially break into a school to embarrass her. If Peaches were a man, she would be locked up in prison as I’m writing this article. This Website provides you with the latest information and Knowledge on Bollywood, Hollywood, and News. Since then, she’s used her new-found platform to endorse pedophilia as an acceptable sexual orientation, flash minors her vagina on livestream, and host meet & greets with her underage fans where she appears to be naked. Powered by. We want to share the message that we are only human and not perfect, but do our absolute best to be accurate, factual, as unbiased as possible, and altruistic in our mission to help children affected by all this straight awfulness.”, “Also, the money donated to us goes directly to front line shelters and child rescue operations. We give you trending news and famous personalities all around the world. Every one of you can call to confirm this as well. Her age is 19 years. Her posts and videos often involved threatening Cora and laughing about the harmful things she would do to her young daughter. However, it’s not clear whether her Social media account was deleted for breaking community guidelines or Lovely deleted them herself. We do not take any of this lightly and would feel worse if, the authorities were dishonest with us and we found out we were misinformed about her being safe because we could’ve been louder longer and kept her from harm. Machen Sie das auch? The need for fact-based journalism and thoughtful Besides, she is the mother of a girl child. 2020 We’ve made sure to post everything with the same information that has been available to the public. Let’s do what we can to bring her justice.”. Her Youtube Channel has 438 subscribers but she is no longer on Instagram or TikTok. She goes on Instagram live with people and exposes her body. Later, people on Twitter circulated the hashtag #savecora and even launched an online petition on Change.org which has received more than 177,000 signatures. She’s not having that kind of upbringing because she has no contact with peaches. There's been pictures of Cora where she seems to have been abused like swelling of the eye, small bruises, ect ect. My Experience with … she was saying about her abusing and killing cora and on top of that, her wanting to pimp out cora. Simply because in jail someone is much more likely to beat some fucking sense into her and she'll actually receive punishment rather then just being well funded and taken care of the whole time in a facility.