Choose three of the following changes that may be negotiated in a collective agreement and provide an example of how each would impact the payroll department. Describe and discuss how the components of corporate social responsibility reporting (i.e, social reporting and environmental reporting) are handled in your assigned organisation. 02 Marks... Write up the asset, capital and liability accounts in the books of D. Gough to record the following transactions: 2016 June 1 Started business with £16,000 in the bank. About the Vienna Stock Exchange The Vienna Stock Exchange is the only securities exchange in Austria. The Austrian Stock Exchange Act provides for 2 (separate) disclosure obligations: (i) an obligation to notify the acquisition or disposal of shares in a company traded on a … The Austrian Financial Market Authority interprets the rules broadly to include all types of options and even pre-emption rights. The disclosure threshold remains unchanged at 5% and multiples of 5% but an additional disclosure threshold at 4% was introduced and listed companies may lower that threshold to 3% in their articles of association. Sanction now include suspension of voting right. During May, the company had the following purchases and sales for its Model 25 Sureshot camera. It uses a perpetual inventory system. The official currency symbol is "€". The platform is entirely dedicated to African stock … Your organization is a floral supply company with employees in the following jurisdictions: Manitoba Prince Edward Island Yukon The organization is planning to implement a company-wide policy with respect to vacation leave and vacation pay that... Log into your existing Transtutors account. Critically analyse the motivations of your company in this area using legitimacy, stakeholder and institutional theory. One of the bidder's key disclosure obligations is set in the Austrian Stock Exchange Act. The official ISO 4217 currency code for Euro is EUR. By 28 February 2013, those reaching or exceeding the new thresholds of 4% (or 3% if provided under the listed company´s articles of association, or any other additional disclosure threshold by financial instruments newly qualifying for disclosure as of 1 January 2013) must notify the Financial Market Authority, the Vienna Stock Exchange, and the Issuer. In addition, this section also contains information about obligations arising from the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), which also addressed entities in the real economy that also trade in derivatives. The 2013 amendment legislation introduced a new additional disclosure threshold at 4%. Debit Credit Cash Accounts Receivable Prepaid Insurance Supplies Equipment Owner’s Drawings Salaries and Wages Sundry expenses $ 5000 2000 3000 1500 50,000 4000 3000 1500... Background of the assignment:Publicly listed companies must publish online an annual report. Moreover, companies may provide for a lower disclosure threshold of 3% in their articles of association. Under-the-radar stake-building still possible? Get it solved from our top experts within 48hrs! 4 years ago, Posted The semi-annual review of the Austrian leading index ATX shows no change in the composition. They... Case Study – …recent years have witnessed a growing interest in corporate social responsibility and in calling corporations to account for their impact on the environment and on non-shareholding stakeholders.