CityLift's Automated Car Parking System makes every square inch count by reducing your parking footprint by 40-80%. Our company is a comprehensive company that designs, manufactures and installs mechanical parking systems. This smart car parking system is suitable system for the building requiring 10~40 parking lots. It consists of top pallets having vertical motion, ground-level pallets with horizontal motion and intermediate pallets with both horizontal and vertical motion. It’s a multi-story parking area in which cars are stacked vertically and in this way, less volume is used as compared to the horizontal car parking system. Take the space out of parking. This is a mechanical based parking system that accommodates 5 to 50 cars per module, having a minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 vertical levels. Since its establishment in 1996, it has a lot of achievement Tedra Automotive Solutions Pvt Ltd is a provider of automated parking system providing consultation, fabrication, installation & maintenance of parking management system. This type of system is suitable for all passenger cars in which 2 cars are stacked one above the other using a mechanical or hydraulic lifting system. Some archives of our moments captured from Awards and exhibitions. 8 to 16 cars can be parked in an area of just 2 cars. It is very cost effective and it takes less space for parking. “Parking innovations are in progress that can have the capacity of storing large numbers of cars at one go. Automobile elevators are elevators for cars which can transport them from floor to floor, taking them to their designated parking lots. It is performed by the moving device named "stacer".Also, its entry and retrieval time is fast. Car Parking System We are a leading Manufacturer of tower car parking system, automated car puzzle parking system, automated puzzle parking, puzzle car parking and automated car parking system … Parking systems are generally powered by electric motors or hydraulic pumps that move vehicles into a storage position. This is a fully-automated multi-levelled car parking system that is designed to lift and park cars using a lift and parking cart, which moves along all 3 axes. It is normally installed at the underground of a building. This is a system which is typically built underground and operates in the form of a horizontal circulation. Automatic Car Parking Systems Westfalia’s Automated Car Parking Systems turn parking into a positive experience. The systems are capable of parking cars on up to 4 tiers and provide vehicles with maximum protection. remained as a acess room inside a building. Ajay Raina, CEO, Tedra Automotive Solutions has spent 28 years of his professional life across various sectors of industry. We offer automated parking system that can Smart tower parking system, also known as elevator parking system, provides automatic vertical movement to allocate vehicles to the designated parking level. +91 7420001306 / 08 HANGZHOU XIZI IPARKING CO., LTD. is a company specialized in R&D, designing, manufacturing, constructing automated and mechanical parking systems, as well as providing maintenance and after sales services. +82-2-3667-6580~1 XIZI IPARKING is specialized in designing and accomplishing automated car parking system and provide worldwide customers with solutions tailored to their specific car parking needs. are increasingly looking at its effects on our liveability index. This system can also be installed within the project building itself. From a synergy between Carlo Galli, Simone Zappa and Maurizio Savio, in 1997 he began the Parkpiù project. At its peak, the system will take only two minutes between ticket and loading.” They are extremely space efficient as they eliminate the need for ramps connecting various parking floors. Car parking solutions, today, are the vogue. Parking capacity: 120 cars (It needs (usually calculated) 35-40sq.m /car) Hourly parking charge: 5 $ Occupancy rate of the system: 33% (It was calculated from an actual case) The annual income is: 1,680,000 US$ / year (ROI Automatic Parking System and Car Lifts. Our product includes lift and slide parking system, smart tower parking system, shuttle parking system and stacker parking system, etc. It acts like an automated parking assistant that spins the car to help one park or drive out in a single rotation, using a single entry/exit point. Car Parking System We are a leading Manufacturer of tower car parking system, automated car puzzle parking system, automated puzzle parking, puzzle car parking and automated car parking system … Urban theorists The opportunity is large and we have been working hard and contributing for the segment for many years only for others. This system is ideally used in areas where one has difficulty in turning and parking.