A main water line typically costs $30 to $60 per foot to install. Only one ultra-deepwater well has been drilled in the Gulf of Mexico outside the Walker Ridge area. Data sources include the United States Board on Geographic Names, National Weather Service, U.S. Census Bureau, NASA, and Google. Reserves there are estimated at more than 3 billion bbl. The average well is drilled 100 to 300 feet deep, while some shallow wells only go down to 25 feet to reach groundwater. Adding a power line to your well costs $1,500 on average, while a solar-powered pump costs $1,500 to $3,000 to install. Most homeowners spend $3,750 to $15,300, or $25 to $65 per foot for well installation. known as US Topo Maps. Although artesian wells cost more and need a specific location, they require low maintenance and ongoing expenses. rectangular quadrants that are printed at 22.75"x29" or Get free estimates from trusted well drillers near you. A tank or a booster ensures constant water pressure, and has overload protection which prevents motor burnout. Check the National Ground Water Association (, usgs.gov/special-topic/water-science-school/science/artesian-water-and-artesian-wells, waterboards.ca.gov/gama/docs/wellowner_guide.pdf, wisc.edu/files/2010/12/Do-Deeper-Wells-Mean-Better-Water.pdf, wellowner.org/basics/planning-for-a-water-well/, watersystemscouncil.org/Well_Water_Testing_2014.pdf, plympton.ma.us/well-owners-manual-updated-3-3-16.pdf, 24hplans.com/water-well-drilling-site-plans/, kingcounty.gov/depts/health/environmental-health/piping/drinking-water/shallow-wells.aspx, geotechenv.com/Reference_Pages/water_measure_tables.pdf, mae.gov.nl.ca/groundwater/well/depths.html, agweb.com/7_questions_to_ask_before_drilling_an_irrigation_well_NAA_Nate_Birt, roscoemoss.com/wp-content/uploads/techmemos/TechMemo005-4_Borehole_Diameter.pdf, egov.usda.gov/references/public/MO/642WaterWell.pdf, merrillresources.com/how-much-does-it-cost-to-drill-a-well/, landcentral.com/land-university-blog/digging-your-own-shallow-well/, geothermalprosandcons.net/introduction-to-geothermal-drilling/, epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-11/documents/drivenwell_1.pdf, waterbuckpump.com/products-3/water-well-sand-point-pump-accessories/sand-point-and-pitcher-pump-kit/, pinckneywelldrilling.com/blog/need-deep-well-or-shallow-well/, epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-11/documents/dugwell.pdf, waterwelljournal.com/life-cycle-economic-analysis-of-water-wells/, skillingsandsons.com/blog/irrigation-wells-frequently-asked-questions, epa.gov/potential-well-water-contaminants-and-their-impacts, amazon.com/water-pressure-tank/s?k=water+pressure+tank, epa.gov/privatewells/learn-about-private-water-wells, watersystemscouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Well-Owners-Manual.pdf, heitmandrilling.com/about-drilling-a-well, ndsu.edu/publications/crops/care-and-maintenance-of-irrigation-wells, waterpumpsdirect.com/pumps/deep-well-pumps.html, swfwmd.state.fl.us/ConsumerGuideWellConstruction.pdf, nationaldriller.com/topics/2657-geotechnical, idph.state.il.us/envhealth/factsheets/boredwlsFS.htm, usda.gov/webdocs/publications/41964/30286_wateruse.pdf?v=41143, byexample.net/projects/current/drilling_water_well_pumps/. A municipal water bill may include sewer costs that you'll still have to pay for with a well, unless you own a septic system. Drilling is the most common method of well construction. Recommended using a 3-wire pump for easier maintenance. Check with your well contractor to see if maintenance is included in the quoted price. Dug wells capture water from shallow aquifers close to the surface and are lined with brick, stone, or concrete tiles to prevent the walls from caving in. The Atwater Foldbelt geological region in the Gulf of Mexico is beginning to get a great deal of attention. The Groundwater database consists of more than 850,000 records of wells, springs, test holes, tunnels,drains, and excavations in the United States. The average cost to redrill a well deeper is $3,000 to $6,000, or between $35 and $84 per foot, which is the same as drilling a new well. These maps are seperated into rectangular quadrants that are Early this year, BHP specially commissioned a drillship, the C.R. Petronas has contracted Shearwater GeoServices for a 3D seismic survey over block 52 offshore Suriname.