How to use preventable in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word preventable? Slips are scarcely avoidable when you're new to your work. Police believe the accident was avoidable if only the victims had been more careful. An easily avoidable and readily detectable lie, at that. In certain situations, however, exposure is avoidable. Waiting for results will still allow enough time to treat the strep infection and avoid potentially serious, The tragedy is made all the worse because genocide is both predictable and, We live in a world where people expect everything to be, The country has made headlines lately with the resurgence of, The result is the first comprehensive analysis of, The anamorphic transfers both pick up the various flaws in the aging film stock, something that is not, The U.S. should do no less to prevent escalation into a, Overdose deaths have now become the leading cause of, Tragically, as we deliberate, another day of, Reasons given were grouped into unpreventable or, Most ADRs were predictable from the known pharmacology of the drugs and many represented known interactions and are therefore likely to be, Dental caries or sugar-bacterial tooth decay is largely, Here we have a prototypical example of a probably, Many of the chronic diseases linked to obesity are, The good news is, this is an urgent but solvable problem, because almost all of these deaths are, Probably in part for this reason, it chose, The Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that 80 per cent of health related conditions in old age are, It is estimated that nearly 60-70 per cent of all disabilities are due to, Although many people see frailty as an inevitable consequence of ageing Jerry told Ric that many injuries suffered by the elderly are, Seventy-five percent of the heart and liver disease cases that lead to a need for organ transplant are, In 2008, the World Health Organization named tobacco as the world's single greatest, Neural Tube Defects are one of a few largely, I saw this research as an opportunity to study what might be a, It contains an overview of the chronic disease surge and continues with a focus on cancer as a paradigmatic case of a chronic and, Because many of the illnesses associated with fecal matter in the home are, Despite being highly prevalent, IDDs are easily, For example, the pediatric vision scanner, developed by REBIScan, could eradicate amblyopia one of the leading causes of, The greatest killer was scurvy, a disease that had been shown to be, Fortunately, however, this is an accident that is as, Poor material condition, inadequate training, and incorrect methods of operation are, There is still poverty in western europe, but it is. "avoid wasteful expenditure" in a sentence, The worst kind of military intervention is the one that was, The sad part about all this was that it was completely, This is not in itself objectionable, or even, But Chinese analysts said the public anger was both predictable and, The nature of their jobs makes ego clashes easily, On the seventh lap Schumacher was penalized for causing an, The greatest frustration is that so many deaths are, She stated that " The saddest thing is this is entirely, There will be a lot of friction and misery that is eminently, Heatstroke is one of the most common causes of, Why such a shrill and shriveled sound, certainly. , Many traffic related deaths are avoidable and can be prevented by the using seatbelts. This hole in the retina creates a blind spot in the eye, a flaw that again would be avoidable with a priori design. Seems like so much death should be avoidable in this day and age. They took no avoidable risks. 3. 2. But, Ross, as of 1939, World War II WAS avoidable. However, most of these accidents are easily avoidable. This problem is avoidable with correct positioning of the paper for the lefthander. Moreover, that risk may also be partly avoidable, in that three-quarters of these cases were taking allopurinol for asymptomatic hyperuricaemia. 45+1 sentence examples: 1. obtained according and work for avoidable accidents how. Without this authorization, there may be avoidable delays and even brick walls that might stop treatment if your child is involved in an accident or otherwise requires immediate medical attention. The Avoidable Causes of Disease, Insanity, and Deformity. It is simply accepted as a fait accompli that the millions who live along the Mekong will suffer time and again from preventable flooding. Examples of avoidable in a sentence: 1. Use "avoidable" in a sentence. Health inequities, formally defined, are avoidable inequalities that are unfair and unjust. Diabetes can be avoidable if you reduce your sugar intake and exercise regularly. 2. And all of this, every bit of it, was avoidable. They do not represent the opinions of