In addition to the Huawei B818-260 router, there is also a power adapter and a flat LAN cable. The operation and configuration of the Huawei B818 or Gigacube CAT19 takes place either via web interface in the browser or via an app. Huawei B818 LTE router is now available for network provider Vodafone and got a new name ", "(Huawei B818-260). This is the ULTIMATE All-in-One Antenna Kit for Optus 4G mobile / wireless broadband Modem Router Huawei B818. The device is manufactured by Huawei and the model name is B818-260. If the external antenna is not detected automatically by the router, then you can manually switch to the operation with an external antenna in the web interface. "After getting a suitable mast fabricated I finally have the mobile repeater system you specified up and running. Connect between the Wallplate and the Modem location.on Extend the antenna connection to your modem from the wall when the Antenna Cable is terminated using a Wall-plate. You can adjust your Cookie Preferences at the bottom of this page. I wish to thank you so very much for your help and guidance during this process - we have gone from 2 bars 3G and zero bars 4G to 4-5 bars 3G and 3-4 bars 4G! The Huawei B818 comes with built-in cellular antennas in the device. The maximum speed was tested by using 3 × 3 MIMO antenna technology at 1300 MBit/s, which is also the highest data rate supported by the WLAN module. The latencies (ping) were usually between 20 and 25 milliseconds in the test. Already have an insert? Monday: 9 AM – 5 PM (ACST) Even with poor reception, fast speeds are still achievable. Currently, the speed advantage of the Huawei B818 is still manageable compared to many other LTE router models. As the B618 supports 2*2 MIMO, it is better to install a dual TS9 connector antenna or two single TS9 connector antenna. Final Connection when purchased with optional antenna coax: Antenna for Huawei B818 Optus 4G Wireless Broadband Modem. Very Low-Loss coax cables for Fixed Wireless installationsSuitable for 3G/4G Mobile Broadband Antenna installations on a fixed building rooftop or tower. thanks for the antenna and the extra bits you added, much appreciated. Huawei B525 4G Home Wireless Modem Router : Antenna for Huawei B525 4G Router Home Wireless Broadband. All other connections are located on the back. Interface between the tiny antenna connection on your modem and most common FME terminated antenna coax cables. 210x180x45mm • SMA-male • 1500mm pigtail coax. Please purchase separately, Dual X-Polarized Antennas for 5G 4G MIMO and 4G+. Thursday: 9 AM – 5 PM (ACST) The Huawei B818 allows the connection of up to two external antennas or a MIMO antenna. Ask it here ... 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Wallplate, Insert, Nut and Washer to suit the SMA female connector on ourLL240 & LL400 coax cables. Contact Us The complete kit will support the Optus B818, also availabled as a Huawei B818 from Vodafone or elsewhere online. Unfortunately there is no timer function for the WLAN module. * TWO Patch Cables required for 4G DUAL Antenna Kits, All Carriers - Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Virgin, 14dBi Gain • LPDA • >18dB FBR • 700-2700MHz.