These swift codes will help you identify the bank and branch swift code you need to use in order to send or receive money via a bank … The first four letters indicate the shortened version of a bank's name. The country corresponding to this country code is Palestine. ARAB BANK PLC: BETHLEHEM (BETHLEHEM BRANCH) ARABPS22050: 5: ARAB BANK PLC: GAZA (GAZA BRANCH) ARABPS22500: 6: ARAB BANK PLC: ... BANK OF PALESTINE PLC: RAMALLAH: PALSPS22: 22: CAIRO AMMAN BANK: RAMALLAH: CAABPS22: 23: ... (BIC) used to specify a particular bank or branch. The complete address of the bank is Bethlehem. It states a particular branch instead of the bank's head office. The Bank Code for this is ARAB. SWIFT BIC code ARABPS22050 is used to transfer money from Bethlehem branch of Arab Bank Plc to any other bank in the world. This swift code belongs to a financial institution. Below you can browse through all available bank swift codes in PALESTINIAN TERRITORY (PS BIC Codes).. ARABPS22050 or ARABPS22050 is the SWIFT Code for ARAB BANK PLC bank in BETHLEHEM Palestine. AL MASYOON ARAB BANK REGIONAL The Branch Code for this is 050. Bank Code (A-Z) - 4 letter code. Swift codes are usually formed of 8 (or) 11 characters.You can understand that a swift code or BIC refers to a primary office when it's formatted in an 8-digit code.The codes are arranged in the following manner: Swift Code ASD doesn't exist in database. The Country Code for this is PS. Country Code (A-Z) - 2 letter code. ARABPS22050 is the swift code for Branch of ARAB BANK PLC Bank in BETHLEHEM Palestine. SWIFT codes and BIC codes are same and the terms are interchangeable. It is technically used to identify banks and financial institutions globally distinctively - it says who and where they are. Swift Code is also known as SWIFT-BIC, BIC (Bank Identifier Code), or SWIFT ID.Bank Identifier Code or BIC for ARAB BANK PLC is also ARABPS22050. SWIFT BIC Code of Banks in Bethlehem MANAGEMENT 1476 RAMALLAH PALESTINE, STATE OF. The Location Code for this is 22. Swift Code is a unique identification code for a particular bank. It says where the bank's head office is located. Al Khalidi Branch: Ebin Khaldoun Street - Building Number: 52 : 06/4680028 : 2140 : 06/4680025 : Al Rawnaq Branch: Waheb Al Afyouni Street : 06/5829042 : 2140 : 06/5829503 : Al Zaytounah Branch: Yajouz Street : Al-Bayader Branch: Husni Suber Street - Building Number: 2 Al Saraya Branch: Gaza : 08-2824950/1 : 08-2824830 : Omar Al Mukhtar Street, P.O Box 167 : Al Shallaleh Branch: Hebron : 02 2229804/02 2229803 : 02-2229327 : Old City - P.O Box 662 : Bethlehem Branch: Bethlehem : 02-2756900 : 02-2744974 Swift Codes for banks in PALESTINIAN TERRITORY - PS BIC Codes. There is not much of dissimilarity between BIC codes and SWIFT code. The Branch Code for this swift code is 050. In addition to this, you will be able to … Palestine Swift Codes has been assisting you in finding the reliable bank and branch where capital is sent to via Bank Wire Transfer..