Request demo. Palestinians living abroad have financial capabilities that may be invested in Palestine, and the bank is playing a role in creating favorable conditions for these Palestinians and provide them with credit facilitations that encourage them to invest in Palestine in order to contribute to the growth and development process and create employment for youth.Â. Adding that it is our duty at Bank of Palestine to exclusively sponsor this team for the year 2009-2010’. "In remote Chile, Palestinians pray for cease-fire", "Palestino lucha por la paz desde Patronato: Carlos Abusleme chantó banderas en honor a los caídos del pueblo libanés", "Palestinos inquietos por rayados ofensivos", "Transculturación, identidad y alteridad en novelas de la inmigración árabe hacia Chile", Unión General de Estudiantes Palestinos de Chile,, Articles using infobox ethnic group with image parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 450,000 - 500,000 (about a 2.5% of the population of 18 million), This page was last edited on 13 August 2020, at 15:57. [2] Also, some Chilean-Palestinian footballers like Roberto Bishara and Alexis Norambuena have played for the Palestine national football team. Al Shawa added that the representative office will form a bridge of economic communication and linkage between Palestinians in the Diaspora communities of Latin America, whose population is approximately half a million, and their mother country for the purpose of developing and supporting the Palestinian economy. The preparations for the opening ceremony involved the organizations of several activities among them sponsoring the Taqalid Conference, which is the first conference for Palestinians living in Latin America, which was attended by over 2,000 people who came from several Latin American countries. 500.000 mil descendientes de palestinos en Chile. © Bank of Palestine 2016 P.L.C. (Contest), Finally, the bank’s growth and expansion in Palestine was made known through social networking. Bank of Palestine’s representative office in Santiago, Chile - During the past few days, Bank of Palestine has been implementing several cultural, social, artistic and economic events in Santiago, Chile, in preparation for the opening of its second representative office abroad in the Chilean capita, Santiago. To continue reading, subscribe to BNamericas to get all the information in this article and access to related news items and reports. [9] Immigrants were also at times treated in highly denigrating terms by the Chilean press; for example, El Mercurio wrote in 1911:[9]. Bank of Palestine, the largest private bank in Palestine, sought to position itself in Chile -because this country is home to the largest community of descendants of Palestinians living outside their country- to attract businesses from Latin America to the region, and thus contributing to the Palestinian economic development. Estimates of the number of Palestinian descendants in Chile range from 450,000 to 500,000. Bank of Palestine hosts the signing of an agreement between Belen 2000 of Republic of Chile and Welfare Association to improve the quality of provided health services in Gaza Strip 13 | 6 | 2015. [12] On another occasion, outside the Club Palestino and again in front of the Colegio Árabe, someone wrote on the sidewalk "Árabe=terrorismo" ("Arabs=terrorism") and "Palestina no existe" ("Palestine does not exist"). [9], People who solely hold a Palestinian Authority passport are refused entry to Chile. Mr. Shawa said ‘we first visited Chile with a group of businessmen and we were happy to find a team that has the name of Palestine and took from the Palestinian flag a uniform and a logo. Contrary to the immigration of Germans and other European nationalities, the immigration of Palestinians was not considered beneficial by Chilean intellectuals, and was even, alongside Chinese and Japanese immigration, questioned. A number of Palestinians in Chile have shown significant concern with the situation of Palestine, for example, the president of the Cámara de Comercio (chamber of commerce) of the Barrio Patronato, himself a Palestinian, in 2006 organised a protest regarding the 2006 Lebanon War; Lebanese and Palestinian flags were widely seen in the neighbourhood's streets at that time. [4][5][6] The effects of their migration are widely visible. (Media and Social). The delegation held a press conference that included Mr. Shawa, Mr. Ahmed Awida, the Executive Director of the Palestine Stock Market and Mr. Josn Dlacroz, the Chilean Ambassador to the Palestinian National Authority, and Francisco Feroz, coach of the Chile team. They idea was that they could then share their experiences in Chile with other professionals. The bank will open a representative office in Chile in 2017, as it already has an adequate positioning in the country and a large support network that has traveled to Palestine as part of the various entrepreneur and executive tours that have been organized by the bank to know the region. Address: Ramallah, Ain Misbah The official opening of the Santiago office will be held next Tuesday, 7 November. "Los palestinos miran con esperanza su futuro en Chile sin olvidar Gaza e Irak". Given the importance of the role of economic and social connections between Palestinians living inside Palestine and in the Diaspora, this year, Bank of Palestine is exclusively sponsoring Club Deportivo Palestino in Chile.