He said more support was needed to help kids with the transition from primary school to high school. Affected students were able to resit the tests but the issue resulted in a disclaimer on the preliminary results warning they should be “interpreted with care”. “It’s like trying to change direction on a super tanker, it takes a very long time and … happens very slowly,” Goss said. Listed below are the 2018 NAPLAN, Top 85 Adelaide Private Schools for Year 9. Maintaining a reputation for academic excellence is paramount and the new 1:1 program has delivered. Barker College NAPLAN Results. The latest national education test results show the writing skills of year 7 and 9 students have gone backwards over the past decade, with experts saying more needs to be done to assist struggling high school students. 1 For more information, visit http://syllabus.bos.nsw.edu.au/support-materials/integrating-ict/. “Once you fall behind it is hard to catch up.”. My second eldest Lizzie is graduating this year, third Anastasia is in year 10, Nicholas in year 8 and Madeline and Henry our twins in year five in the junior school. Primary school sexuality and relationships education – building the foundations. Students in year 9 around the country in both government and non-government schools experienced similar flat results and year 9 has long been considered the hardest cohort to engage in education, Merlino said. The Sydney Morning Herald has today published league tables of schools in NSW based on the NAPLAN data. Established in 1890, Barker College has a reputation as not only one of the top schools in Sydney, but Australia as well. Girls were actually here on the first day in 1890 when the school opened but they didn’t make the transition to the Hornsby site when we moved. Positive and constructive relationships within friendship groups. Cornerstone College NAPLAN Results. “Students are to be congratulated for this year’s improvement, especially year three students, where the results are particularly encouraging,” he said. You can also compare schools' HSC results over the years and see a trend in ranking, Unit 3-4 cohort (with the average, max and min of school ranking). “If those students haven’t been well supported through their primary school education and haven’t been given the fundamentals … they feel like shrugging their shoulders, holding up their hands and saying ‘I’ve had it, that’s it for me,’” she said. One idea on the table is a proficiency certificate based on student reading and numeracy results that would guide subject selection for year 11 and 12. “There is no transparency about how Acara have arrived at the results data published today, and the community must seriously question just how rigorous the independent assessment of the Naplan results were,” she said. Grattan Institute school education program director Peter Goss said the focus should be on building better foundations in earlier years. For teachers such as Nathan Dumbleton, Year 7 Science, it was important to take advantage of the digital capabilities of the device to truly engage students and Jacaranda resources are much more than just a PDF, featuring multimedia such as video, audio and links to related content on the internet to create better and more effective learning space for students. Secondary school teachers are not specialists in teaching kids how to read,” Goss said. “Kids need to know the basics. Central to its success was a very strong and collaborative working relationship with the Jacaranda team. The School uses the test information, school reports, NAPLAN results, questionnaires and a variety of other criteria in its decisions regarding the awarding of scholarships. http://syllabus.bos.nsw.edu.au/support-materials/integrating-ict/, Australian Curriculum Economics and Business, Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship, Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education, WA Curriculum Humanities and Social Sciences, WA Curriculum Health and Physical Education, Victorian Curriculum Economics and Business, Victorian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship, Victorian Curriculum Health and Physical Education. “In year 7 a third of the kids might still be in that learning-to-read stage and yet they are expected to start covering more and more content. From the start, it was clear that they were just as committed to a smooth process as Barker’s own staff — from helping to raise internal awareness of the bundle and its resources, to executing a series of small changes to simplify the set up process for teachers and 250 students, no request was too small and the support from Jacaranda was invaluable to the initial roll out. **Rotate your Mobile Phone to Landscape to view the full table**, © All Rights Reserved by Private School News Australia. This information is used only as a guide and you should conduct your own research by visiting the My School website and the school directly. Equally important was a robust training program and dedicated time out of Nathan’s schedule to help both teachers and students become familiar with the technology.