About half of this area is in the Bellevue School District; students in the other half attend schools in the Issaquah and Renton districts. Bellevue’s Youth Theater hosts year-round youth productions, including theater in-the-round and outdoor amphitheater shows. Bridle Trails includes Bellevue's equestrian neighborhood area, with acres of residential property devoted to pastures and trails for horses. Cougar Mountain also provides a great place for uphill biking climbs. Bellevue’s historic Wilburton neighborhood is an enclave of single-family and multifamily housing known for its rich history and its parks and wooded areas. It takes a plan. Though Bellevue, like many historic neighborhoods, has seen its share of ups and downs over the past 100 years, it has experienced significant rejuvenation since the early 2000s. Although many Bridle Trails residents aren't part of the equestrian culture, residents enjoy the vast green spaces and peaceful ambience found here. If you’ve thought about bringing together neighbors in your area, give us a call and we can help you get started. Bellevue’s neighborhoods are home to a diverse. ” program brings together neighborhood associations with a new organizing toolkit, leadership training classes, seed funding and coaching for leaders of associations. Direct connection to city staff or resources. Facilities use can be booked up to 60 days prior to an event. Under 18: 2,680 (23.5 percent of the area). An active neighborhood association can represent a community voice to the city, and neighbors building relationships with each other are the key to a safe and vibrant community. Downtown sets a high bar for urban living, including upscale retail and a wide variety of dining and entertainment options. The “Better Together” program brings together neighborhood associations with a new organizing toolkit, leadership training classes, seed funding and coaching for leaders of associations. Help resolving a neighborhood issue or concern. Help with forming a neighborhood association or revitalizing an existing one. The Neighborhood Walks 2018 report offers details. Email. with close proximity to downtown Bellevue, Wilburton is also surrounded by major parks, including the acclaimed Bellevue Botanical Gardens and the 160-acre Kelsey Creek Park. The 146-acre Coal Creek Natural Area provides a natural wilderness buffer for the residential community and great walking trails to explore. Bellevue’s neighborhoods are home to a diverse community of neighbors with connections to schools, stores, parks, trails and the natural environment. © 2019 City of Bellevue | All Rights Reserved. It encompasses more than 172 acres of woods and wetlands, home to coyotes, muskrats and an array of songbirds. Homes in this neighborhood typically sit on average-sized lots. This is a great chance for a community gathering during the evening or rainy time of year. Bellevue's City Council affirms this with the city's Great Neighborhoods program, initiating Comprehensive Plan amendments in August 2018 for preparation of the Northwest Bellevue and Northeast Bellevue plans. Bridle Trails has an active neighborhood association and includes several smaller neighborhoods for families to connect in community, including Trails End, Pikes Peak, Cherry Crest, Bellemead, North Creek, Compton Green, Compton Trails and many more. The 2016 population estimate for Bellevue's two main zip codes was 77,862. The neighborhoods are rich with diversity and culture from all over the world and desired by young families and adults seeking to access Bellevue’s top rated schools.