The M3 soundbar is easy to love. This includes Bluetooth connections, remote control, design, and whether it’s wired or wireless. There are two primary types of soundbar, and these are the traditional soundbar (a long bar) and the soundbase – which is also known as a soundbar pedestal. If that wasn’t enough, you can adjust the sound of your audio to suit your preference and needs. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. As a final point, while for the most part, we’d class this soundbar as being really easy to use, we have heard of one quirk, which we couldn’t test ourselves. Factors such as whether your soundbar is wall-mounted or on a surface will impact the speaker’s sound. Visit our corporate site. Leave it plugged in and it will play for as long as you like. So, if you’re not subscribed to Spotify or any other streaming platform, you don’t have to miss out. No problem, connect any of your chosen devices via Bluetooth quickly and easily. Although, if you have a wider screen TV – we’d say 38-inch or more – this soundbar will nestle underneath quite nicely. We gave this one a 3.5/5 star rating. USER FRIENDLY EASY OPERATIONS: Via the in-unit buttons or included High-sensitivity full-function IR remote, you can change sound input modes and the treble and bass settings at the click of a button whilst also selecting a music mode that heightens music, movies or dialog to be played at its best. MORE: Best soundbar and soundbase deals Take Razer: historically, it’s been a peddler of pointers and the king of keyboards. Similarly, the Bluetooth connectivity is supported by 3.5mm, optical, coaxial, and RCA AUX input, which is pretty impressive at this price point. 【Loud and Dynamic Sound 】Emitting a versatile range of sound, the sound bar provides a sleek and dynamic sound in stunning compact designs. It's also decently well-built and you can easily stream audio to it as it supports Bluetooth. However, this is never the case with a bit cheaper sound bar as it is readily available and in many brands and varieties. It’s the sort of performance that only genuine audio innovation can deliver. There are various ways to deal with this however our favourite solution is the low-tech option of just raising your TV slightly by putting it on a monitor stand. This 2.1 channel setup has an exciting v-shaped sound profile that brings out the bass and treble from your favorite tunes. Its Bluetooth connectivity technology enables wireless connectivity so that you can playback music and other media from your other Bluetooth-enabled units. In addition to the headline Bluetooth, you can connect via optical, coaxial, AUX and, of course, USB. If you want the same robust quality of sound without the extra black box, check out the Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System. Modern, slim-profile TVs are great for all kinds of reasons, but while their visual quality can be excellent their sound quality can be rather less so. ♫ Include Variety of Accessories: The soundbar comes with all of the cables, including 1.5m HDMI cable, optical cable, AUX audio cable, RCA cable, long audio cables and short audio cable. Last but by no means least, this soundbar can be placed above the TV rather than needing to go below it (although that is generally the preferred option). It also allows you to pick up calls from your Bluetooth device, with the speaker stopping automatically to allow the voice to come through.