Although such units can be very difficult to handle when shipping and installing due to their size, they are generally smaller as compared to assembled two-piece toilets. Pipes and flooring may need to be adjusted, many toilets don’t come with a toilet seat (which is frustrating), and professional installation further increased the overall price. Generally, toilets are available as either one or two-piece units. Structurally, the unit is made using polypropylene plastic, which is strong and durable, yet very lightweight. Despite this small size, it has an elongated siphoning action in its bowl, which enables it to deliver 1.6 gallons with quite some force. However, it has a pretty solid construction, which makes it very strong and sturdy. I do my best to answer all the questions about the bathroom. I am currently working as the chief editor of It’s affordable, but it will also save you money because it uses much less water than older model toilets (check colors and sizes on Amazon). They’re one of the oldest toilet companies in the world and got their start in Japan. If you like this toilet, but you want a more effective rinse option, consider buying a separate double rinse adapter (about $30). Purchase this toilet and watch your water bill suddenly decrease. Right now I have an American Standard low flush toilet. In terms of materials, vitreous china is easier to clean as compared to porcelain or plastic. This toilet comes at a reasonable price under $200 and has many of the same great features you’ll find on similar toilets. Of all the brands on this list, Toto might be my favorite. Efficient rinsing is not as good as the #2 rated toilet, but it is still sensitive to certified water with an average of 1.28 gallons per flush. Find a toilet on this list that matches your bathroom’s style. Unbox your new toilet and have it ready to go! Last Updated on December 13, 2019, By Alida Wolk. Whether you’re replacing an old toilet, removing broken one, or doing a complete bathroom renovation, there are 100’s of toilets to choose from. Hi, this is Alida Wolk. Maintaining hygiene in your bathroom is very important. The student model offers another twist of the traditional white porcelain toilet. The cost will depend on the brand and style. It can cost between 100-300 dollars to have a professional installation of the toilet. American Standard’s Fairfield is a one-piece toilet that is constructed using vitreous china. At first, you’ll probably only consider 1 price, the cost of the toilet and bowl. Toto’s CST243EF-01 Entrada is also a two-piece toilet with a round bowl for easy fitting in tight spaces such as in small bathrooms and powder rooms.