The teachers are mostly nice though they may not always be the best teachers, but most schools have teachers like that. The students are like any other students; they're not exceptionally mean or nice. Lastly, the school could definitely do better in terms of school safety since a lot of students take the subway to school.Read 908 Reviews, Sophomore: There are a ton of clubs and extracurriculars to choose from! In addition, 27 Advanced Placement courses are available. Leeward Community College and University of Hawaii-West Oahu partner with the Mililani High School to offer the dual credit courses. Outside the classroom, Liberal Arts and Science Academy offers a plethora of sports teams and clubs for students to participate in. Students at BSHS are engaged in curriculum requirements developed to prepare them for the transition to post-secondary life. Charter schools may focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); performing arts, college preparation, language immersion, career readiness and more. Diploma types include Standard, Advanced, and Advanced with Honors. Recently a film actually came out about our school, and I think parts of it really did do a great job about talking about and describing the type of school it is. - School type: public Charter schools must have an open enrollment policy. A member of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, Homer High School includes a minority population of 21 percent as well as 29 percent economically disadvantaged students. I will say looking back, my social experience wasn't as great as I thought it was at the time. In conjunction with the J. Everett Light Career Center, ZCHS students may take courses directly connected with a vocational interest. 1,026 reviews. Students also must complete a senior project and perform at least 60 hours of community service during their high school career. The high school encourages students to cultivate a sense of global responsibility, to contribute to members of the community, and to cultivate and uphold respect for cultural diversity. Annual pep rallies and football games show our school's dedication to the spirit of Port Washington, and we love making our town proud! - Racial diversity: 86.4% White, 2.1% Black, 5.8% Asian, 5.0% Hispanic, 0.8% Multiracial, 0.0% Native American, 0.0% Pacific Islander, - Location: Tucson, AZ In addition to traditional core courses, 27 Advanced Placement courses are offered at Indian Hill High School. Students have access to science, engineering, and computer laboratories. HSAS prepared me for college-level work, and gave me the content knowledge and skills across subject areas to do well in my college courses. Students’ demonstrated aptitude and passion for studies in the mathematical, scientific and technological fields are very important factors in the admissions process. Students may enroll in college and take courses independently as college students. A-TECH opened as the first fully computer-networked technology school in the state of Nevada. The people themselves are not all the best, not much diversity at all either, but the good outweighs the bad. Seasonal sports and a comprehensive roster of clubs, activities, and organizations are offered by the school. The school has an entrepreneurial focus, teaches the kids self-reliance, and has so many opportunities for each individual child to succeed. Things like SING! The Exeter High School website lists 24 clubs and activities. Additionally, teachers of lower level classes, especially ones where every single student in the school must pass them to graduate, lacked passion in their work. Eleanor Roosevelt is a very rigorous and well-rounded school. The number of students continuing their education after graduation from LAHS by enrolling in college is 89 percent. Carnegie Vanguard High School offers a variety of clubs focusing on community service and academics.