We buried the hatchet and of course Steve Austin is someone great to have in your corner, constantly calling me up, giving me advice and looking over my matches. The weekly show is available at PodcastOne.com. All of this build-up led to the aforementioned match between the Blonds and Flair/Anderson in August 1993. In the interview with Jericho, Pillman Jr. mentioned that Austin reached out to him via Twitter. The next challenger to WWE NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai will be Candice LeRae and it’s the second match to be added... Roman Reigns has given his public reaction to the comments made by The Rock regarding a potential match. ", Austin continued, "If you watch that footage back, Brian was walking around with that cane and there was a brass duck head on top of that cane that you put your hand on. This led to pointing at Anderson and asking how much the antique statue of Arn cost before escalating into a verbal disagreement between the Blonds and the legendary pair before Pillman and Austin retreated off-screen laughing. The elder Pillman's most memorable angle was when Steve Austin broke into the Pillman house on Raw which resulted in Jim Ross infamously screaming, "Pillman's got a gun." Ranging from the pre-segment opinion of the USA Network to the original role of Brian's wife Melanie, many topics are covered in this article, featuring 10 things you didn't know about the infamous Austin/Pillman angle from Monday Night RAW. Steve Austin and Brian Pillman became good friends when WCW randomly put them in a tag team called the Hollywood Blonds. "He runs back to the locker room and [screams], 'Oh my God! Billed initially as their individual personas, Pillman decided that if this was to work, they should have matching ring gear and a real tag team name. -The late Ida Mae Martinez was born on September 9, 1931. While the signs were there throughout most of 1996, the promotion and company was changing, and they were heading in a direction that would see them push the envelope as far as possible. And it damn near could have easily hurt somebody, but we got lucky that it didn't. In college, Harbaugh was a defensive back for the Miami RedHawks, according to Bleacher Report. "Unknown Insurgent" Coming To WWE NXT A former stuntman for Paramount Pictures, Matt enjoys sports, water skiing, driving fast, the beach, professional wrestling, They're very, very comfortable, but I stomped the s--t out of him. ", Austin continued, "Brian was kicking the s--t out of me. Whereas the aim was more to garner themselves heat and excite crowds for a Flair in-ring return, they also made the Hollywood Blonds reasonably popular in some circles, and the charismatic pair started to receive some positive crowd reactions. Pillman talked about his high school football career, and how it paralleled his father’s football career as well. New, Backstage Update On WWE's Plans For Keith Lee, NXT Women's Title Match Set For TakeOver 31 This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. To write him off television, WWE did a memorable segment on Superstars in October 1996 where Austin broke Pillman's own cane over his ankle and then pummeled his ankle with a folding chair. The September 23, 2020 episode of WWE NXT aired live on the USA Network from Winter Park, Florida at Full Sail University. As the “Dos Hombres” team scored the upset, the role of Steamboat’s partner is widely thought to have been filled by Brad Armstrong. The excellent Dangerous Alliance group had disbanded and left the future “Rattlesnake” treading water somewhat in the mid-card, and WCW would ironically have Steve Austin and Brian Pillman team together in throw-away tag matches. But thank you dad. The younger Pillman followed in his father's footsteps and is now a professional wrestler signed to Major League Wrestling. Calling it “A Flare for the Old,” complete with Pillman sporting a grey wig, robe, and cane impersonating Flair, the attempts to embarrass and anger their counterparts succeeded with the four brawling as the show went off the air. Earlier this year due to budget cuts... Former WCW President Eric Bischoff recently discussed one of the company's most iconic match types. -The new “Grilling JR” podcast hosted by Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson will be available Thursday at Omny.fm/shows/the-ross-report. Would you believe it if we said that... Ken Shamrock has shared his thoughts on Raw Underground while appearing on an episode of The Dropkick podcast. Following her retirement from pro wrestling, Martinez went on to earn her a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing, and is listed as one of the first nurses in Baltimore to care for AIDS patients. And, by the same token, be beat the flying s--t out of me when he wore my ass out and that's the bottom line.". "Yeah, Steve broke into my house and there was glass on the floor for like three weeks," stated Pillman Jr. "Like, wasn't somebody gonna clean this up [laughter]?