Beyond Oasis is a linear adventure that will take you back and forth across the island. A good way to describe Beyond Oasis is that it's a more combative take on The Legend of Zelda. The 2D graphics are roughly comparable to what you'll find in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo. You probably won't mind forking over the cash if you've been looking for a game like The Legend of Zelda that's not so much about wandering the countryside as it is slaughtering hordes of ugly monsters. Either keep or lose her, and continue north using the stairs. Frank Provo © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Continue left and up the stairs. The waterfall can sweep you. •Walkthrough Home •The Gold Armlet •The Water Spirit •The Fire Spirit •The Enemy Campsite •Rock Beach Cave •Mountain Fortress •Wall Fortress •The Shadow Spirit •Secret Cliffs & Islands •The Secret Pit •The Plant Spirit •The Castle Basement •The Non-Entity •The Shadow Land The music isn't composer Yuzo Koshiro's best work, but the medieval anthems he concocted set the appropriate mood. •The Secret Pit Beyond Oasis | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. Run and jump across the water. For the Wii's part, the system has no trouble emulating the graphics and audio exactly as they'd be on an actual Sega Genesis console. Beyond Oasis (known in Japan and Europe as The Story of Thor) is the Sega Genesis console's answer to The Legend of Zelda. Defeat all of the monsters, Be cafeful in this room. No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. •The Shadow Land. Jump down into the. The last of the Secret, Make your way back to Mt. Go right and use, Now time for a detour. When you're done there, leave and get rid of Efreet for now. Kill the troops first thing. This spider is the smallest boss in the whole game. This page was last edited on 22 March 2013, at 16:33. •The Enemy Campsite Beat that and you're a true Beyond Oasis Efreet Racer. This walkthrough is split up by the primary goals of the game. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. On top of that, Sega hasn't included Beyond Oasis in any of the company's various classics compilations over the years, which means that the Wii's Virtual Console shop is the only opportunity most people have had to own and play the game since its original release. (c)2006 Beyond Oasis combined action & adventure elements, hack & slash dynamics, and RPG elements to make this one of the last best games for the Genesis. Beyond Oasis is a linear adventure that will take you back and forth across the island. Healing - Tap. Ah, the Secret Waterfall. •The Shadow Spirit Besides walking around and stabbing things, you can make Ali run, jump, and perform different sword attacks. Allat. This walkthrough for Beyond Oasis [WII] has been posted at 08 Jun 2010 by aiaitje and is called "FAQ/Walkthrough". Summon Dytto from the nearby lake, and bring her to the lower east side of the area and have her put out the fire with her bubbles. Adds some combative spice to the Zelda formula, Environments are colorful, detailed, and wonderfully shaded, Quest only takes about eight hours to complete, Music isn't up to composer Yuzo Koshiro's renowned standards. •The Fire Spirit He's then tasked with collecting the four elemental spirits necessary to stop the bad guy that's been unleashing all sorts of nasty monsters on the land of Oasis. You play as Ali, a young adventurer that found a magical gold armlet while searching a cave one day. At the end of each dungeon, you'll encounter a giant spider, a massive dragon, or some other boss that occupies at least half the screen and usually stretches far off into the distance. This walkthrough is split up by the primary goals of the game. Defeat the. •Rock Beach Cave For Beyond Oasis on the Genesis, GameFAQs has 13 cheat codes and secrets. Use Doppleganger and find the hidden warp. C.Northern Temple You'll soon find yourself at a temple to the north. Once summoned, a spirit will follow you around, reveal secrets, and attack enemies until your magic counter is depleted. On the whole, you'll spend much more time fighting than you will exploring or solving puzzles, though the puzzles and bosses in each dungeon certainly do require you to put all of Ali's abilities to use. And most important we have 5 other walkthroughs for Beyond Oasis, read them all! Beyond Oasis, or The Story of Thor in Japan and Europe, was an action RPG title for the Sega Genesis, something along the lines of The Legend of Zelda.The player takes control of the young prince Ali, who receives the mystical Gold Armlet at the games outset. When I play Beyond Oasis now it kind of reminds me of Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage for the Dreamcast, which is kind of weird considering the time lapse between the games. •Secret Cliffs & Islands You have your work cut out for you. After watching the introduction scene, go onto the first section of the walkthrough: Water Shrine. There's not much backtracking, the map always points you to the next objective, and some events will whisk you to the next region of the island without forcing you to walk there. Beyond Oasis is much more 3D than you jaded modern gamers may realize, so just keep that in mind!