(uncredited), LA FBI Task Agent 1 The bird is "leading the march. (uncredited), McGuire's Secretary Within a month, Black Mask had assembled a group of dozens of criminals called the False Face Society, using the Sionis crypt as their base of operations. [37][38][39] This version of the character is known for using body doubles in situations that may endanger his own life. Release Dates (uncredited), Commisioner DiGrazia Bruce disarmed Sionis, forcing the latter to retreat to his hideout with Robin (Jason Todd) secretly following him. ", 4) The Penguin had a hit list that read "classroom bully, comedy club owner, Hollywood casting director, exes, the press," and "myself. (uncredited), Countryclub patron / (uncredited), Irish American Woman ", 3) The Panda talked about "fighting for her dreams" and said the competition "will be no match for her. | Black Mask has also killed his victims by applying toxin-filled masks to their faces, poisoning them and leaving their faces hideously shriveled and blackened. In an attempt to scare Catwoman, Black Mask goes after her sister once more. Black Mask appears in issues #35–37 (storyline "Evidence Notice") of Batman: Arkham Unhinged, the prequel tie-in comic book to the video game Batman: Arkham City.[28][29][30]. The vampiric Dark Knight tears through Black Mask's minions, even tearing a man's head off with his mouth, and is later shown leaving the Society's severed heads outside Blackgate Penitentiary. [19], In the Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock, Black Mask is among the villains that attend an underground meeting held by the Riddler to talk about the Superman Theory. While Batman and Robin fought his underlings at the graveyard, Black Mask escaped through a false bottom installed in his father's coffin and headed to his family estate. Season 2 of The Masked Singer includes an entirely different crew of wacky costumes, purposefully cryptic clues, and a whole lot of interesting guesses from judge Ken Jeong. 1) The Panda always admired "papa bear's humble strength. [16] During the Forever Evil storyline, Black Mask appears as a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains when the Crime Syndicate arrive from their Earth. (uncredited), Port Hole Bar Patron / Black Mask later becomes the leader of a cult, whose trademark is ritual scarring, until Batman and the Huntress dissolve it by defeating and imprisoning Black Mask in Blackgate Penitentiary, though the crime lord escapes before the city is made a part of the country again. Black Mask reappears as a crimelord in "The Cult" storyline, having given up his vendetta against Bruce Wayne. 2) The Penguin "might be cold as ice, but I'm bringing the heat. (archive footage) (uncredited), Restaurant Bar Patron [12], In Blackest Night, Black Mask is resurrected as a Black Lantern, and attempts to show Catwoman why "shooting him in the head was a bad idea". Batman intervenes and puts an end to their battle, and Sionis is sent back to Arkham Asylum. (uncredited), FBI Dir Wm Sessions In Catwoman #16, Black Mask begins a drug trafficking ring and decides to move his organization into Gotham's East End. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Michael Donahue Company Credits Nightclub Partier ", 3) The Skeleton says "party on, dude" and is "tired of playing second fiddle.". Black Mask was subsequently sent to Arkham Asylum, where he remained behind bars until the international terrorist Ra's al Ghul freed all of its inmates. Humiliated and furious, Roman broke into the cemetery where his parents were buried. To set a trap for Black Mask, Bruce held a masquerade ball at Wayne Manor, and Sionis infiltrated the ball and lured Bruce to the mansion's conservatory to kill him. Although she escapes his clutches once again, the Spoiler supposedly dies due to the injuries inflicted on her and the willful negligence of Leslie Thompkins. Moments after Roman's birth, the doctor carelessly dropped him on his head, and his parents covered up the entire incident so that their high society friends would not find out. Meet the fall 2019 cast of The Masked Singer and get a list of the key clues that have been revealed: 1) The Tree has a big family who comes to the set often, all wearing masks to hide their identity. An associate of Red Hood then approaches Roman, convincing him to become the Black Mask and lead the False Face Society, though he is ultimately apprehended by Batman.[27]. Find full cast and crew information for the program Black Mask 2: City of Masks. (uncredited), Self (uncredited), FBI Task Force Agent Réalisateurs : . "It’s a tricky balance," she explains to GoodHousekeeping.com. Good Housekeeping participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.