In the end, the pops he received for destroying his body wasn’t worth it. Both Vince McMahon Sr. and his son, the current Vince McMahon, were livid at Mulligan losing the title at a house show. Blackjack Mulligan, a former professional wrestler and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, has died. In a quote in the “Wrestling Observer,” Mulligan explained, “He (Thunderbolt Patterson) did one of the greatest TV promos in the history of wrestling. He most recently made headlines in a 2015 lawsuit against the WWE for concussion-related injuries. According to the Meltzer story, “Once, he got into it with Harley Race, who himself was a legendary tough guy. While the Carolinas had gotten strong, to where the top guys were making very good money, and Scott promised Mulligan considerably more money than he was making in WWWF, by reputation, nobody would leave a top run in WWWF early for the Carolinas or raise the ire of a promoter as powerful as Vince McMahon Sr. Mulligan said he and Lanza were never the same as friends again, and for the most part, that ended their team, although they did team together again for a short time nearly a decade later. The first thought that I had was that I hope his family donates his brain for concussion research, because his head has to be scrambled for sure. The old adage when it comes to celebrity deaths is that celebrities die in threes. He said he told Lanza he was leaving, and Lanza told him that nobody in their right mind would make that decision. When I first heard that Blackjack Mulligan passed away, I was not shocked at the news. They actually started their tag team run in Dick the Bruiser’s WWA promotion in September 1971. According to The New York Daily News, Windham retired in 1987. I warn my brother not to be one of those people, and tell him that he shouldn’t take that kind of shot even if he’s lucky enough to one day be making six figures in the WWE. It was a fascinating story on how Mulligan went from WWWF Tag Team champion to one of the biggest stars in the Carolinas territory. Mulligan split time between the two territories, doing his jobs on the way out in the WWWF, while appearing regularly on TV and in some of the major Carolinas cities before going full-time.”. According to the story, Mahoney was banned from amateur wrestling when he used an illegal maneuver on his opponent that injured him. Both men brought a unique presence to the industry and will be missed. "WWE is saddened by the news that Robert Windham, aka WWE Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan, has passed away," a statement said. Wahoo McDaniel was the person who eventually told him that he should try professional wrestling as Wahoo wrestled during the football offseason at the time. Born in Sweetwater, Texas, Blackjack Mulligan’s imposing physical stature–6-feet, 8-inches tall, 320 pounds–made him an intimidating figure inside the ring, and he was tough enough … The knife used had been dipped in pig fat and Mulligan’s leg got infected. He was 73. Mulligan blamed himself to a degree, saying he was green as far as headlining went, and didn’t understand controlling heat and brought the crowd up too much in beating on Morales and didn’t know how to turn it down. Over the past decade, Mulligan faced his share of health issues. Born in Sweetwater, TX #2. Reading this scared me as a fan, and moreso as a family member whose brother is a professional wrestler. According to Meltzer, Crockett would run three show circuits at the time. You often hear stories from older wrestlers of the territory era talking about drawing white hot heat, and some even take it as a badge of honor if a fan attempted to attack them. Watching Balls take those hard unprotected chairshots in the late 90s was hard enough to see back then. Dallas became the youngest NXT Champion in WWE history at age 23 in 2013, and Wyatt has found success as the leader of "The Wyatt Family," featuring himself, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Apparently there were some problems going back to when Roop booked Florida.”. Plus, promoters weren’t taking talent from McMahon. Now, it’s downright terrifying to watch. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Birthplace Sweetwater, TX . Gorilla Monsoon, at that point a babyface and also working behind the scenes, raced out in street clothes and literally threw the two fans out of the ring. The problem was he was WWWF tag team champions, with Lanza. It’s a lesson that every wrestler needs to remember. The building was so loud with hatred that I had to watch ECW’s television show the next week in order to hear Jerry Lawler’s promo. Video tribute to Blackjack Mulligan released by, via Youtube On May 15, 1971, Mulligan challenged new WWWF Heavyweight Champion Pedro Morales. Once he was reinstated, the Machines angle was dropped. In the third fall of a match they weren’t supposed to lose, Mulligan was down for a near fall with DeNucci on top, and told DeNucci he wasn’t kicking out and not to get up.