There are plenty of bloggers that use their name for their blog (myself included—ryrob). The music and entertainment niche has a lot of bloggers that want to show that they have the best and most up-to-date information for their crowd. It’s intriguing but it’s also informative about the blog’s content. The name they came up with really doesn’t mean anything. The natural downside of using a made up word as your blog name, is that it’s essentially meaningless (until you’ve made it big).

If you’re interested in starting a blog you’ve probably thought about how to name a blog, right?

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That’s what I’ve done and many other bloggers have done the same. Name Station offers many of the same features as the other name generators, but it has a few cool additional functions. And along the way a couple of fun remixes and mash ups.. lets not take ourselves too seriously now!”.
That’s what I was looking for.

Remember that the quality of your content, the ability to connect with your audience and the way you’ve branded your site are all a crucial part of your blog development.

The back story is she fostered a few stray cats while living on a small Greek island and during that time reexamined her life as a meat and dairy eater. This blog has a great name and a strong branding strategy.

If you’re not yet sure who your audience is or how to attract them, your next mission is to develop that picture of who your readers could be—then learn to understand their needs and desires as time goes on. 1 synonym for blog: web log. Think about some of the most recognizable companies in the world today. Moving forward, take this step-by-step approach to coming up with a thoughtful name for your blog.

And although it’s gibberish even in the Dutch language, today this name is associated with high quality ice cream. One contributing factor to Apple’s success is its consistent use of branding over the years. In this case, it’s by carefully choosing recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients, time, or kitchen products. Beolingus Deutsch-Englisch. Here are a few examples of bloggers that’ve used humor to decide how to name a blog that sets the tone for their content style: Like with puns, just be mindful of how readers will perceive and form their own opinions as you decide how to name a blog with a comedic twist. Glad to hear that, Kompa! Let’s chat on Twitter about business and side projects. Choosing a keyword domain for your blog doesn't guarantee higher SEO rankings, but it does come with benefits... reaching the seven-figure income mark from her blog, Blog Income Report for April 2020: How I Earned $28,700.06 Blogging (Last Month), Guest Blogging 101: How to Guest Blog Post (for SEO and Traffic) in 2020, 53+ Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers in 2020 (to Earn Affiliate Income from Blogging), 201 Best Blog Post Ideas That’ll (Actually) Help Drive Massive Traffic in 2020, 12 Best eCommerce Website Builders (to Sell Products Online) in 2020 + Real Examples, #132: Best-Selling Author Jeff Goins on Building an Engaged Blog Audience (of 250,000 Readers/Mo), #131: How Todd Grew a $1,200/mo Personal Finance Blog (on the Side) and Gets 20,000 Readers, #130: Laura Roeder on Growing Edgar from Social Media Side Project to $1 Million in One Year.
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The website is a mix of advice, humor and general information that appeals to men. Words that make people feel like they’re joining you on a life-changing adventure can be super compelling when deciding how to name a blog.

Plural for a set of explanatory or critical notes on a text. Keep in mind that not every blog needs to be deeply meaningful or serious in nature, either. I’m a little of both, hence the name of my blog.”.

Ex: He sent her an e-mail after googling her name and finding her weblog.

So, how do you name a blog?

If you’re interested in learning a foreign language, there’s a really good chance that you’ll click on this blog name to find out more. According to Google’s John Mueller, there’s not a significant increase in visibility (if any) with keyword domain names.

If you have no idea where to start with naming your blog, try thumbing through a dictionary.