We gain an understanding at what makes Borderlands 2 villain Handsome Jack an absolute bastard, while fighting the memorably named antagonist Tungsteena Zarpedon. but what about the randomness of the action skill. This sees the game world expanded past the dusty towns of Pandora, taking to the stars and exploring new planets that house set pieces and events ranging from a cataclysmic corporate buyout war to a monastery of pacifist monks besieged by raiders. Gunzerk. All the same though, it’s still a title worth going back to, so long as one isn’t expecting to see the series at its absolute best. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a gritty adventure game about battling insane space Australians on the moon. He greets the Vault Hunters for the new adventure in both Borderlands and Borderlands 2. You, with the makeup – could I have some lager, please? Assassin tree: increases lethality with weaponry and melee combat. It’s a purely story-driven adventure experience, and for those who prefer the mainline series’ gunplay and non-stop action, it can take time to settle into and enjoy. “Right now, you’re ranked fifty in the badass leaderboards, which puts you behind my grandma but ahead of a guy she gummed to death. Host to some of the grandest stakes the games have ever seen, it tasks players with stopping the rise of two cult leaders and their army of bandits, thwarting their ambitions of finding every Vault in the galaxy and harvesting their unbridled power. While the trend of every major film released being a sequel is relatively new, the idea of the long-running franchise has existed in the video game world for decades. But his Decepti0n Skill turns him into quite the literal ninja, both with his increasingly powerful sword, and also by turning him invisible. Healing bullets are indeed useful, but that’s not enough to cover how bleh he is. Being a prequel to the second game, all of its events and twists have a foregone conclusion. Its only downside is that it feels late to the party. As a character gains experience and levels up, their basic statistics, such as health totals and accuracy, will increase. The story is one of the best in the series, introducing what has remained its – and arguably one of gaming’s – best villain to date. “Dagnabbit, I may be blind, widowed, crippled, and undead, but I haven’t lost my sunny disposition!”. But his Decepti0n Skill turns him into quite the literal ninja, both with his increasingly powerful sword, and also by turning him invisible. Believe it or not, Scooter is the progeny of Mad Moxxi, though, he’s not quite as slick. He carries a similar aggressive personality as the former wrestler’s on-stage persona and speaks with the same intensity. When ammo is running low, or a change in armaments outside of what players have already looted is required. In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel he shows up on Handsome Jack's ECHO communicator. RELATED: Gearbox CEO Isn't Quite Sure What Microtransactions Are, But Says Borderlands 3 Won't Have Them, “Excuse me, madam! Below, all four installments in the franchise are definitely ranked. For the Borderlands series, the second time was most definitely the charm. We're also excluding Tiny Tina from the list because well, that's a bit too obvious. During his introductory sequence, the character is reduced to three words: Hunter, Scholar, and Gentleman. For me its Athena. When one thinks sequels or franchises, games like Final Fantasy, Fallout, Street Fighter, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed come to mind. In the pre-sequel adventure, Janey Springs greets the Vault Hunters upon arrival on Elpis. He's what makes Mordecai so cool. Bonus points for both.”. come to mind. Harold Tassiter is a non playable character that appears in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Hunter-Killer tree: Mainly improves Wolf's offensive abilities, reduces Action Skill cooldown, and increases Wilhelm's efficiency with elemental weapons. Sort of. First she fought Vault Hunters, then she became one. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Athena is more of a tank class, meaning she can carry an impressive amount of firepower, whether letting loose with a pair of assault rifles or going with something heavier like … Cold Money tree: A cryo-focused tree which improves the effectiveness of the Frost Diadem and all Cryo damage dealt. His big Skill is just punching people to death and getting angry, which is admittedly awesome.