Bourbon and sweet tea are Southern staples, so it's only natural that they make a fabulous match. Purchase your tickets online for Bourbon and Bites - Bourbon Tasting.You can also purchase a Bourbon and Bites gift certificate at the Oak to give to someone who appreciates bourbon or is interested in learning more about Bourbons. Get our free book when you sign up for our newsletter. Love this post? Bourbon is definitely a good defense against winter! Rob White / Photolibrary / Getty Images. Whiskey Steak Marinade | Whisky gives it a rustic manly taste that everyone will enjoy when you are marinading steaks. For a taste of a very old whiskey cocktail, try the whiskey smash. Forget the red or white selection at dinner: It's all about the brown now, baby. While the recipe changes regularly, this combination of bourbon, lemonade, and pomegranate juice remains a favorite for any occasion. Bring everything that's great about a summer barbecue into a single glass with this unique recipe. So. Irish Pairing Dinner March 14th & 17th 7-9PM. Thanks for sharing our roast and toast! Simply grab a bottle of sweet vermouth and some bitters and stir it up. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. A lady walks into a bar and says “Hey, bartender! StoneWater is at One Club Dr., Highland Heights. Choose a bold bourbon so the spirit doesn't get lost among the warming spices. Simple and fascinating, few cocktails can beat the old-fashioned. This Bourbon Pecan Crusted Salmon is so tasty, moist, tender and flavorful, and it doesn't require much time to make! In the world of Manhattans, the smallest touch can make a big impact. What do you do when you have friends who are just as into whiskey as you are? Dinner will be held in the Grand Ballroom with social seating. You are in luck. Just pick up a bright green melon liqueur, mix it with bourbon, then top it off with a refreshing citrus soda. Welcome to Our Salty Kitchen! Featuring a star-studded lineup from the world of whiskey, the three wise men shot is a great way to wrap up your bourbon adventures. Because I’ve grown fond of y’all, I’ve rounded up my favorite bourbon cocktail recipes to win these last few weeks of winter. Single Barrel Bourbon Dinner. This storied drink has been around since the late 1800s, and it's just as satisfying today. Want more? Right? via email. Sarsparilla and bourbon come together in the rooster cocktail to give you that Old West saloon vibe. Hot apple cider is comforting on a chilly evening, and it's even better when spiked with bourbon. For reservations, email or call 440-461-4653, ext. Joining the duo, cinnamon liquor brings the two flavors together while a salted rim gives it a little grit. It’s the very first bourbon recipe I was taught as a bartender about eleventy billion years ago, and it remains a tried-and-true favorite. Each race in the Triple Crown has a signature cocktail and, when it comes to the Belmont Stakes, that drink is the Belmont jewel. Aside from having a dead sexy hue and ingenious name, the Scofflaw is an incredibly easy, approachable, and delightfully sippable winter bourbon cocktail. Coffee…and bourbon…and boozy marshmallows. Cake in a glass. The former because it’s a holistic flu-fighting wonder, and the latter because alcohol kills germs. Family owned and American made, Cambria natural quartz countertops and surfaces combine innovative design and durability for a lifetime of beauty. In this recipe, you'll dress up bourbon with simple syrup, lemon, and spearmint. In addition to the Dinner Train, the railroad provides freight service to local industries. Many whiskey cocktails can use any style of the brown liquor, but bourbon is often a favorite. It’s in the 50’s today…and it’s going to snow on Saturday.