If not, did you all have the same days off or was there a roster? His girlfriend did not wear earrings. That being there were quite a few sexual assaults in Huntingdale around the time of the feb 1988 attack. this guy David Troy Masters has been convicted of a woman's murder in the NT but is known to have murdered a WA woman Victoria Heather Clarke on 20/9/1987 in her Victoria Park flat. They had his DNA but theydid not know who he was. They left me there and went back to the pub.”, “He must have been watching I was dressed in a tight short skirt and a tight little top.”. The 17-year-old was abducted from Claremont’s Rowe Park, in February 1995, opposite the Showgrounds subway, taken to Karrakatta Cemetery and raped. Page 192 - Apparently aman named Frank Silas and two other men who called themselves CARK (Citizens forApprehension of the Real Killer) called a press conference because they weren't happy happywith Macro's inaction. I think it's unlikely. Discovering that the fuses had been pulled out, I replaced them and carefully checked around my home with the pepper spray at the ready, looking in cupboards, under the bed and behind curtains. Go and arrest some proper criminals.” “Offi cer Traynor’s evidence about this is inconsistent with the CCTV footage and implausible,” Judge Davis said. I had been caught by what I now know to be fairly standard tactics - charming, fun, loving, caring behaviour until you're in the trap. I wonder if this was Donald Morey (the prime suspect in the Sarah McMahon case). Left her Stirling Highway workplace 5pm Friday, disappeared, her car found abandoned at Swan Districts Hospital in Middle Swan. A man hiding in the back of the taxi grabbed her.She jumped out and broke her leg. He reported that detectives investigating the sex assault did not doorknock in the area. Hoping to hear more from 3blindmice. I was totally at his mercy; my years of teenage jujutsu training were nothing against his bulk, strength and sudden insanity. In UK cases Dr Whitaker has used  familial  techniques  to  track  down the culprits of unsolved murders  up to 30 years old, with one-in-a-billion accuracy. The CSK may not be academically bright but he is as cunning as a sewer rat. “On my view of the evidence the only probable inference is that the two offi cers’ decision was motivated by the fact that she had spoken up and asserted her innocence. , police believe the killer used a mid-1990s white Holden Commodore VS series 1 to abduct and kill at least two of his victims. I'm guessing he put more effort in to hiding her as it was probably his first murder and maybe not even his intention to kill that night. I've read through this thread and this suspect PW hasn't come up. http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?306032-Australia-Claremont-Serial-Killer-1996-1997-Perth-Western-Australia-5/page110. But he had been an acting sergeant and had held the rank of senior constable when he retired in 2013. Im going to the tonight. A linkined twist is that many young westerm suburbs men and women who visited Claremonth’s very popular nightspots and might have information, left Western Australia in the 1990’s to explore the world and further their carreers. ), Quote; It's been nearly ten years since they started so it is a possibility (however remote.) Someone might want to go to 3rd floor of the State Library and look for a weekly newspaper called "This week : the weekly newspaper for Telstra staff in Western Australia" that ran from 1993 to 1994 You don, https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/vital-clues-missed-in-hunt-for-claremont-serial-killer-ng-b88342709z, List of Australian, UK and USA miscarriage of justice law reports, Article: Australian law on miscarriages of justice, Article: UK law on miscarriages of justice, Article: USA law on miscarriages of justice, Claremont killer: Police investigate 1995 rape lead. Thanks PT for your infinite patience and clear explanation. “It was weird but noting really happened,” the woman said. Nobody really believes that, do they? I suggest she was just staying over at a friends and arriving home early in the morning The doctor made phone calls to have him admitted to Graylands mental hospital. Sarah Spiers, 18, went missing from outside a Claremont nightclub in January 1996; Ms Rimmer, 23, was abducted from Claremont in June 1996 and her body found in bushland south of Perth that August. Australia Australia Claremont Serial Killer, 1996 - 1997, Perth ... www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?325918... Western Australian Police and the Macro Task Force  thoroughly investigated Frank Silas’s Claremont Serial Killer  suspect?