Share. Forums. The reasons for several other suppression orders, or how the witnesses are related to the case, are not yet known as the orders were not made in open court. He has pleaded not guilty. ... Bradley Robert Edwards- Guilty; Bradley Robert Edwards- Guilty. Helpful Answer! Among those protected include the alleged Karrakatta rape victim, Mr Edwards' two wives, his adult stepdaughter, his ex-girlfriend whom he dated in the 1990s, and another woman he dated. Mr Edwards was remanded in custody to appear in court in February. Mr Edwards is due to face a nine-month trial in July over the alleged murders of Ciara Glennon, Jane Rimmer and Sarah Spiers in the mid-1990s. Computers allegedly containing the “stories of interest” were seized during an early-morning raid at Mr Edwards’ Kewdale house in December 2016. Justice Stephen Hall warned the prosecution should not be seeking suppression orders on a "piecemeal" basis, noting the suppressed man's name was mentioned 35 times during a directions hearing in June, which the media was free to report on. If they went down the MM path at the trial they leave the Task Force in a sticky spot. Profile; Follow; golden6. Sad it has taken so long to find the rock this mongrel was hiding under. Heather McNeill is a senior journalist at WAtoday. LW blindness. Propensity evidence is evidence not linked directly to the allegedly crimes but which might show relevant past conduct. In a tragic premonition, a worker over the road from where Ciara Glennon was last seen made a passing comment that “she might be the next girl to go.” Her body was found 19 days later. Home Latest Posts. Comment on Answer Reply Report. Oh noooo, the Saw movies were for me, absolutely horrific so didn't watch the whole of first movie and didn't even contemplate watching second!! Can anyone tell me what year the Re enactment was released from CG walking down Stirling highway please. Finn was a police protected madam that paid weekly to keep her business alive, they would shut down the opposition so the protected business's could survive. Log in Register. During a Supreme Court directions hearing on Tuesday, the state successfully argued the identity of the man who had an affair with Mr Edwards' first wife be suppressed to protect the identity of their 22-year-old child. Add in the number one suspect. Remember it was JR that was abducted at that time not CG. January 31, 2019 12:48PM. The footage would either have had him Identified at the time or drove him underground. Bradley Robert Edwards will stand trial over the Claremont serial killings. She never went forward to Police. © West Australian Newspapers Limited 2020. His next directions hearing is scheduled for October 21, where the state and Mr Edwards' defence team will argue whether evidence proposed by the state that Mr Edwards was in emotional turmoil when he is alleged to have committed the offences, is admissible at trial. I have found a link on another forum from back in 2018 which contains discussion about a "local" in Kewdale reporting police divers at Tomato Lake the day BRE was arrested. Ms Barbagallo said disclosure of the DNA evidence in the case was almost complete. Australia's largest stock trading and investment forum Australia's #1 stock forum. Advanced Search. Prosecutor Carmel Barbagallo told the court additional work was being carried out by the ChemCentre ahead of the trial. And this is why they dismissed it for 10-12 years. Macro would have known the MM wasn't LW, but still kept LW under watch. Elle Farcic PerthNow. In 2016, Bradley Robert Edwards, 50, was charged with the abduction and murder of the three women, the abduction and rape of a teenager in 1995, and an assault against a teenager in 1988. Join FREE and support Australia's favourite footy community. Justice Stephen Hall said he had put steps in place to have the trial heard in the biggest court room in the District Court building on Hay Street in Perth. Perhaps because they were under extreme pressure to solve the case, and claiming to have a POI would have taken much pressure off, but unfortunately they used LW to do that. - All the Comp Entries are here, Aus v NZ Women's Internationals, ODIs/T20s, - BRE Audio Police Interview via Supreme Court, Hey Bret ...? Xbox Series X / S: Releasing November 10 for $499 / $749, Playstation 5: Releasing November 12 for $599 / $749. When BRE was arrested and shown on the News the Lady recognised BRE as the person doing the chasing. The 50-year-old has also denied raping a 17-year-old girl in Karrakatta Cemetery in 1995 and attacking an 18-year-old woman in her Huntingdale home in 1988. Created with Sketch. Can't wait till they jail this pig for eternity. I remember it clearly. Claremont serial killer trial: Ex-wife's lover joins long list of suppressed names. Bradley Robert Edwards will stand trial over the Claremont serial killings. (4) Unhelpful Answer! JavaScript is disabled. Not guilty on all. They sent a message to everyone else that wanted dog them in. It's the longest running police investigation in Australian history. How would you find Bradley Robert Edwards? She counts her blessings as she could have been a victim. The Aunty mentioned a friend of the family that was chased down a lane by a man in the late 90s. So if CG got BRE's DNA under a broken fingernail from fighting him off, she didn't get it from the clubs. Just imagine the ramifications if it was BRE? 7,290 Posts.