time as a manager. tried to emulate him in every way once he became a wrestler himself. Because the match was only one fall, several promoters from the North East did not accept the title change and started their own promotion because of that. He was a lifelong conservative Republican. I was buying a watch last winter and one of the women who worked in the store was Lex`s daughter. He had a granddaughter, Katina, from his daughter Roxanne. The second fall started with much of the same moves as the first fall. With decades of experience at the top, Rogers was a master of Everyone has to die eventually, but I guess I always thought that Nature Boy was going to be the world`s first exception to that rule. I was stunned that we had just been with him just weeks before and really couldn't believe what had happened. 1979, Rogers showed up in the Mid Atlantic region, where Flair was the The crowd booed him very loudly as Sterling said his name. [2], After Valentine was paralyzed in a plane crash, he remained active in professional wrestling as a manager in Paul Boesch's Texas-based promotion. The storyline did not last long, however. a controversial match to Lou During the match, both men had gained a pinfall, when O’Connor missed a dropkick, hit his head, and Rogers pinned him to win the match. Rogers soon became a top wrestler using his real name around his hometown where he gained his first major win over Ed "Strangler" Lewis. The hardest working man in professional wrestling, but loved to have a good time and knew how to have one. While it is not unusual for a man of his age to get sick, it was very surprising for it to be Buddy. "Buddy with another Nature Boy, Ric Flair. I have done that with the help of Blare Rogers, the "grandson" of Buddy Rogers. O'Connor gained the advantage with an excruciatingly painful spinning arm bar. He also found success as a bandleader and a musician. Buddy's very close friend George Scott was on hand along with Larry Sharpe. The 29-year-old allegedly said to Nature Boy: ''What are you looking at? Charles 'Buddy' Rogers was born on August 13, 1904 in Olathe, Kansas, USA. Buddy asked the guy politely several times to stop when the punk answered "What are you gonna do about it old man" He barely had finished his words when he found himself half unconscious with his head in the sink. '', According to the police, the 29-year-old lunged at Nature Boy. promote various wrestlers (pictured right, with Rocky "Soulman" Johnson) I thought I would shed a little light on Buddy Rogers THE MAN. Buddy had the most famous wrestling promotion in the world formed partially because of him. When I heard of Buddy's death, I would have to say my reaction was shock. Charles 'Buddy' Rogers was born on August 13, 1904 in Olathe, Kansas, USA. Sharon, having been ill, refused to go to the door and hid. Their respective cabins were adjacent, and Raymond and Rogers seem to have already been quite well acquainted. Rogers held his new championship for six months until he was defeated by Bruno Sammartino. Paid for his grandchildren to go to school. Buddy Rogers has often been imitated, but never duplicated. He managed Gene Anderson and Superfly Jimmy Snuka, who at that time was one of the most hated men in wrestling. originally written by Nick Wood at age 15 (1998). I didn`t mention it. Nature Boy`s wife, Debbie, dated Elvis before she met Nature Boy. No seriously Buddy had the personality for it... he could wear whatever he wanted it woulda made no difference. Seventy-one! Rogers found a "legal loophole" that allowed Snuka to be free of Capt. ''Bobby,'' Nature Boy said to me the last time we talked, ''I think it was him calling me `old man` that did it.'' Rogers won.Davies, Ross, Buddy Rogers (The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., 2001), pp. part of a very profitable era in Jim Crockett Promotions. FAMpeople is your site which contains biographies of famous people of the past and present. championships including two World titles in two separate promotions, and Please don`t snicker at the thought of a professional wrestler being the coolest guy in the world. On New Year's Day, 1950, Buddy Rogers defeated Valentine in the finals of a United States title tournament.