On the other end of the shaft the general gets ambushed by a single burnout. Leash them into a cactus. People should build a resort here. On the other side of the roof there is a heavy gunner. Also these enemies are too quick for kicking or leashing. If you dont see this, go back to the barrier and let Trishka catch up to you. A few flails later the building is clear and we can go outside. Interrogating a bounty hunter is a nice start to the game. When these two are taken care of some new bosses appear. While moving to the exit of the building we encounter a Newsbot (N18). Outside we get to see another critical event of a crumbling building. In front of us is a wall with a lot of naked rebar, here we can add quite some voodoo dolls to our collections. Deal with the traincar and we discover another critical event when the grindwheel comes back. One of the new enemies hands us his Screamer. There is a Newsbot (N3) AND an Electrofly swarm (S4). Naturally this is a critical event. Unfortunately the beam we use is giving way and we fall down into the sewers. Before they can do so they are shot down by enemy snipers. Again we can use our kicking skill to save ammo. I used the thump several times because the enemies are in small groups and the ceiling is low. Kick them into the electrical wiring above the stairs. Now that you have some better firepower, see which skillshots you need to perform on the miniboss and practice them. Go through the gory kitchen and into another elevator, going a few floors up to end the chapter. We can acquire those from the escape capsules from the cruiser. Every swarm will be numbered with (S...). This critical event can be concluded by use of RT. Go down the stairs, and turn left before we crouch and go through the plants. When done right you get this achievement: Kill all enemies during the sprint to the jumpship. Bad news, we get to fight heavy echo troopers. Once we regain control we have to run and slide towards that ramp. Don't quit until you're done with this chapter!!! Next up is a banshee which will fire two ground-torpedoes. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. Doing the entire swarm yields 500 skill points for being such a good exterminator. Chapter 2: Last Train from Explosion Town. Some enemies will try to charge us but they didn't count on that exploding Newsbot. Take that gunner out by shooting the barrels behind him. Distance is our friend here, and we can easily clear the area. Kicking him will knock him back into the propeller of the helicopter after a few attempts. We clear the lobby and find out we have to take the elevator down. Down the road we go until we end up at a crashed monorail. Easy points! Target and shoot those torpedoes. We leave the river and go up the stairs. By following the general we end up at a door with a lever. When we reach this tower we find out about the other snipers across the water. Xbox 360 - Bulletstorm - Trishka Novak - The #1 source for video game models on the internet! Please post it in the, Destroyer of Worlds achievement in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (Xbox One), Destroyer of Worlds trophy in Bulletstorm (PS3), Destroyer of Worlds trophy in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (PS4), Destroyer of Worlds achievement in Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (PC), Destroyer of Worlds achievement in Bulletstorm (PC), © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. The second house is clear and we can safely navigate it to the dropkit at the exit that Ishi opens. At the bottom of the stairs is another Newsbot (N24). Before we enter the disco make sure to have some charged shots for the upcoming boss battle. Once we take care of this bunch we proceed over a climbable pillar and discover a set of stairs leading down. One of them is a miniboss. Another critical event when more enemies appear on the balconies. From the elevator two minibosses will emerge. I would recommend switching to the Boneduster at this point. We use the leash on the dropkit to get an achievement. In this room I always suspect an ambush. Flashback to a couple of years earlier during an assassination. At the bottom floor when we exit the elevator there is a dropkit.