So, if I was willing to give up that feature, I could pay less. I wanted a DVD player, period. I did not want a vehicle from a rental agency or one from the “rust belt”. It’s a publicly traded company with a $3 billion market cap. They would not budge on price, so it was returned. Curious, was the car you purchased on Carvana also a Mercedes? You’ll need to provide your name, email address, phone number, and ZIP code. The exchange process was so easy and smooth. You can check out the vending machine here: My delivery person called an hour before my scheduled delivery to verify I would be available. It was a great car except for the evident water damage discovered under the seats (major rust). I get an email “the back of your driver’s license isnt clear try again and we need proof of residency. If you’re looking to buy or sell a used car, you really can’t go wrong seeing what Carvana has to offer. Recall alert: PetSmart discontinues Real Pet Food Co. dog food label after salmonella recall, Easy-to-use interface for shopping used car inventory, Prices may be slightly higher than a private sale, No overhead that comes with owning physical car lots, No opportunity to test drive before purchase, When selling, offer may be less than you can get in a private sale, Seven-day return policy + 100-day or 4,189-mile limited warranty on purchases. I hate going to the dealership and dealing with obnoxious sales people and they dont let you drive the car for 7 days and return it. My retired Infiniti from 2007 had this feature. The entire shopping experience can be done from your home, from the initial Carvana car sale to the final delivery of the vehicle. From now on, the dealer will be used for only two things: test driving cars, and getting service on my vehicles. The company offers a seven-day money-back guarantee on the vehicles it sells. Endless negotiations. The entire process at the vending machine took about 3 minutes. A concise wrap of the day on the markets, breaking business news and expert opinion delivered to your inbox each afternoon. So when I sat down with a salesperson and told him I wanted to drive a car with a backup camera, So friendly not pushy fastest experience I’ve ever had. Just return it. Well whoopdee do for you. Just like shopping for a new couch or your next favorite pair of shoes, Carvana offers a car buying experience for today’s world: completely online, done from the comfort of your home, on your own time, with delivery right to your door. We’re talking about a big purchase with state regulations. Obviously, these are not the exact same vehicles, so we've noted the mileage for each one to account for minor discrepancies. So yeah, it is a great idea. Thanks. This usually cost me around a $100 since I have them hook it up to the super computer too. I have 5 kids. As for Carvana’s 7 day return…there’s just one problem…THEY ARE HOLDING $50K of my money before I even test drive the car!!! But just about every car I test drove at CarMax had a problem with it. Maybe they would have asked if I didn’t tell them why I was returning it. medianet_width = "600"; Most used car salesman, like most realtors, are hype-artists. Carvana is an online vehicle retailer that sells used cars, trucks and SUVs.