Without this, you could end up in a potentially tricky situation at border crossings or with police. The main problem is with insurance – most insurance companies want you to have a UK license. We actually also sold our vehicle six months later via eBay classifieds, roughly 24 hours after I posted the advert. Some models shed cash quicker than others, meaning you'll get a lot less when you come to sell it on. Hi Michelle, Great post thanks! Although all of these have Pre-Paid on the card, they still have your name on them. Check that the brakes and clutch function smoothly and effectively. Was this one of the more complicated steps? Make sure anything you agree to with the dealer is in writing to avoid problems later on. no part of this website may be reproduced without prior consent. For cars with a list price of more than £40,000, an additional £310/yr for five years applies, after the first year, on top of the flat VED rate. They also tend to hold their value for resale. I used Fexco’s overseas payment service to purchase a car and the rates I received were extremely favorable”, “Could you please pass on my thanks generally. This makes the card provider and trader equally liable for any problems. Our Broadband Unbundled tool finds the cheapest broadband, phone and TV. How long does that take? Eg, if you are a youngster who's just passed your test, you will pay more for your cover. The following two tabs change content below. Thanks, James. Most UK car insurance usually cover you for driving up to 30 days in EU countries (subject to Brexit changes). Me and my family are about to head to the UK from Australia to do some traveling. All the sites listed above for research enable you to put in up to three makes and models. The choice of a 1.0-litre or a 2.0-litre engine isn't just about pure horsepower. They can often undercut even the most generous dealers. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Sounds like a great trip. Get a better FX rate on GBP transfers to UK car dealers. I quickly found out my image of backpackers coming to the UK and buying an old combi/camper to drive around in before selling on their return home, was almost impossible. Typically, these are based on quarterly sales, making the end of March, June, September and December a good time to buy. Also remember that it might be cheaper to buy a premium model with all the extras included rather than the basic model and then adding them on, like how a 'make your own' pizza can be more expensive. For one thing, this allows you to repair/improve any parts of the vehicle that need it, but it also allows time for the V5C document to be sent to you through the post. Dealers do this as they can often make more from bonuses for hitting targets than they can from selling you a car. The owner of the vehicle will have a document called a V5C, which is car’s registration document. Hi Gemma, thanks for all the info on this site! To find out when to look for these 'run-out' models keep your eye on magazines and websites for reviews of the latest models – you can then look out for deals on the models they supersede. This is sent by post and can take a few weeks. It is an annual test of vehicle safety and roadworthiness. My partner and I from NZ are planning a trip to start from northern Ireland then scotland and around Europe. The Honda Jazz scores top place for reliability, with the Toyota Prius in second place. “I want to congratulate Fexco and in particular Tim O Sullivan for the prompt and efficient handling of my recent currency transaction. Having said all this, British road trips can certainly be fun, just be prepared for surprisingly slow journeys and busy roads. It's all the benefits of a new car at a nearly new price. This is often done to artificially meet sales targets for the month or quarter. Visit Upsticksngo's profile on Pinterest. You're more likely to get a result if the staff member empathises with you. I had a look at your Facebook page and I had to do a double take – you have an identical Lucida to our old one! Plus NOW check your chances for top cards, 'Can I get a refund on £9k tuition fees...', For all the latest deals, guides and loopholes, join the 12m MoneySavers who get it now, Tools for different credit card types & purchases, Resolver - the automated complaints system. Credit card: If you paid a portion or the full sum with a credit card, you've got protection under Section 75. Vehicle tax is not transferable. Those who took out a credit agreement but missed out on the Xbox bundle will have also been subject to hard credit checks - we've full info on what's happened and what you can do about it below, Car and home insurance customers should pay no more when renewing their policy than they would if they were taking out a new one with the same firm, under radical new proposals from the financial regulator.