As cool as that would be, Gahz is not usable in Standard. Imagine a Gahz’rilla (6,9) gets hit 8 times by C’Thun and hero survives. My name is Roffle and I love card games. See that’s a game changer! Also if running Naga Sea Witch you can use it to play a 10 mana 15/15. Tell your dealer to tone it down a little. For the record I am a theorycraft player I don’t really play ladder I just love constructing crazy decks with unlikely but amazing (when they hit) interactions. Help Sign In. Or play it first to clear your opponent out and then he spends his turn 10 dealing with DW while you sit there chuckling darkly to yourself about what happens next. Card Text. And besides that all the 7/? 10mana total, 10-9mana C’hun x1 6/6 (+24/+24 – 30/30) + brann = have fun. Anyways vs aggro, if you manage to stabilize the board, you have plenty of powerful heals in Darkshire Alchemist, Twilight Darkmender, and upgraded hero power from Justicar, which should help you stay out of reach from those dirty aggro shamans. C’Thun is a 10 Mana Cost Legendary Neutral Minion card from the Whispers of the Old Gods set! 1mana Youthful Brewmaster x2 Kinda stupid question but if you have a C’Thun and then get another one from something like unstable portal, does cards that buff C’Thun buff both of them? I think the portal is best against slow decks that don’t have good board clears, so anything exept priest, mage or paladin really. Im not sure how good this deck will be for example in Mirror C’Thun matchups, but I am expecting the meta to not slow down that much the first few days everyone will still try to play aggro decks and therefore I favor the decklist towards winning against aggressive matchups. I have included a lot of cards from this new expansion just to see which ones turn out to be good, maybe a few here are too much. Potentials combos to instantly kill Mecha'thun include: As the name suggests, Mecha'thun appears to be a mechanical version of the Old God C'Thun. Please leave any comments/suggestions its the first time I publish a deck! Playing around sylvanis isn’t difficult, obviously if sylvanis is on board you wait a turn. Favorite this Deck. I have played Arch-Thief Rafaam for fun, and the 10 spell 10 dmg split to all enemies is my basic option. I like it more than any of their older packs. Grito de batalla: inflige daño equivalente al Ataque de este esbirro dividido aleatoriamente entre todos los enemigos. Last updated Aug 22, 2020 (Scholomance Academy) Edit | Delete Wild. My point is that you need an empty board and many whispers to get it work like OTK… Murlockadin is better as you split your 40 dmg and clear the board less randomly. But it doesn’t change the fact that he’s OP as fuck. So new players will have to buy a bunch just to have a chance to get started. Also, to get back its cost, you only have to buff it +2/+2, if you consider avenging wrath doing 8 damage for 3 mana. And bgh is on top of the list. This version of the Old God is unique to Hearthstone. These cards are here to stay and everybody talking bad about them will regret it when they dominate everything <3. English (US) Deutsch. I’m curious to try running this with Deathwing (crazy I know). If you play Mecha'thun with no assistance, there is no guarantee it will survive to the next turn to combo it to meet the requirements. DW would act as insurance against a mind control or a Sylvanas and clear out your opponents board, plus leave you with a second monster minion. all these cards in this expansion just seem so slow… This page was last edited on 27 August 2020, at 21:00. Mecha'thun is a legendary neutral minion card, from The Boomsday Project set. The biggest issue I see is card draw, but there’s a lot of ways to deal with that. Just a theorycrafting deck which I look forward to try as soon as the expansion hits. Blizzard have finally decided to actually nerf cards. If you are running vs a lot of midrange and control decks, I would consider adding another entomb, but we already have two shadow word death so its just optional. Hearthstone Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. I never said it would be consistent, just fun enough to be worth playing 20-30 times just to get it right once. Mecha'thun can be obtained through The Boomsday Project card packs, or through crafting. To let’s say 5 minions… (against zoo) or sylvanas, so u probably deal dmg and give a huge minion to ur opponent… If there are 5 minions then this would be an ideal card to help board clear.