Re: Using my own modem on NBN FTTN Hey Wilbur94, you can use any VDSL2 compatible modem on your FTTN connection. I was simply told by DODO tech support that I cannot use a third party Modem for my FTTC connection. You'll need to connect the router's Ethernet WAN port to NBN's NTD or NCD UNI-D port using a RJ-45 cable. What networks you can see will of course affect performance. I know it can be frustrating, I am sorry I cannot get much time to search myself and give you a good link to the Whirlpool direct. If you have a home phone number with Optus on the NBN and you intend to use it, you must use the Optus supplied modem as your main network connection as the modem is specially configured to your phone number. Do I need to use Optus's Modem for the NBN? On "Whirlpool Forums", look for topics by Pete Y Testing, he has had some success in sorting his OPTUS and BYO issues. There are many things you can do, patience and seeking help is a great start. The net is working relatively fine regardless, but I'm wondering if the lack of DSL light might be symptomatic of something. So no need to buy another modem/router (yet) and I appear to be among the minority with something happy to report about when transitioning to the NBN. now we need a modem. Hopefully someone here can give me the correct advice. Hi Team I just thought to use my old broadband ADSL model that I was using with Optus connection the past. I need your full name, DOB and account number. WiFi uses a shared spectrum, and any other networks you can see in your house that use the same channel as your network will share the available bandwidth on that channel. I have the previous non-AC version of this router on a FTTP connection. It actually depends on your neighbours' networks. I'm also curious to know if the Sagemcom is only NBN compatible: can I take out my old Motorola modem and replace it with the Sagemcom for my current broadband connection? The guy at the telstra shop told me I could use this as my router to connect to nbn. They were trying to contact you, but you were unreachable. Using a third party modem, the VoIP phone service will not work. I was able to locate an account using your community details and seen that there's a case that is being handled by our Engineering team. I would recommend keeping the modem and just putting it in Bridge mode. Re: using existing modem to connect to nbn, Streaming (Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, Binge). Let us know should you require further assistance. Can you (or anyone else) please provide a link that makes bridging possible. If you would like to configure your own modem, then you need to make sure that the settings are set as follows; There's a few apps you can use on your smartphone, WiFi Analyzer is a good one, to see what other networks are sharing your bandwidth/channel, and sometimes simply changing the channel on your AP will give you better connectivity. I have seen advice that you should first connect the Optus device; unsure if that advice is … You can connect with another modem after this if you want to. If I do use their modem and my own router, I'll need some help connecting the one to the other – so I'd appreciate some advice on how (which cable goes where, etc). Some routers LAN port can be converted to a WAN port and then used for NBN. Optus will send you a new WiFi modem that allows you to connect multiple devices to … If you have a smart phone, get yourself a free WiFi scanner and ensure that you are not clashing with any other nearby WiFi. I'm wondering if it has somethging to do with DHCP and NAT settings, or perhaps other things that need to be changed on the Optus router and/or on my R7000 to make it work. Your Compatible Modem must support Gigabit Ethernet WAN (1000 Mbps) and Fast Ethernet LAN (100 Mbps). Can you (or anyone else) please provide a link that makes bridging possible. Any time between 6am-3pm tomorrow (Tuesday) is fine, Caveats being that our Optus VoIP may not work without our Sagemcom modem connected and we can't provide you any support at all for third-party hardware. Connecting up was a relatively painless process, my download speeds are 5 times greater than they were previously, my voip is connected AND my VPN is somehow running fine too (I was led to believe that it was either VOIP or VPN but both are running in tandem with each other).